The Best Supplements For Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails


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Wouldn’t it be so easy if you could skip the overwhelming drugstore aisles and online beauty suppliers while on the hunt for your next beauty essential? All that time spent sorting through lists of ingredients and never-ending label descriptions can be exhausting, but it turns out there’s a simpler way to achieve luminous hair, glowing skin, and strong nails — without emptying your bank account or overcrowding your vanity cabinets.

According to Dr. Karin Hermoni, head of science and nutrition at Lycored, nutrition plays a key role in skin health and beauty. “While we’re all aware that an unhealthy diet is reflected in the skin, we can achieve more benefits by understanding the direct link between healthy diverse nutrition and its active benefits to our skin wellness,” she explains. To help you decode the medical and scientific terms, we’ve broken down the different kinds of supplements that’ll fix your beauty woes by popping a capsule or drinking a scoop of powder — no 17-step regimen required. Now that’s the kind of low-maintenance beauty we can all get behind!

Supplements For Longer, Thicker Hair

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Philip Kingsley Hair Supplements ($46-79): Philip Kingsley is pretty much the king of healthy hair. For starters, the brand was at the forefront of the hair supplement movement and has since expanded their product range to not just one, but four options for shiny, strong strands. This stuff might set you back $79 a bottle, but when you wake up with a Rapunzel-esque mane you’ll thank us. Within the range, our faves include:

  • Biotin Boost, $46, is great for anyone with a low-protein diet (or vegans/vegetarians) who want to transform limp locks.
  • PK4 Soya Protein Boost, $46, is fortified with amino acids for optimal hair growth and quality.
  • Root Complex, $58, is where multivitamins and essential fatty acids (Omega 3s) merge for roots that keep going the distance.
  • Tricho Complex, $79, is their holy grail supplement that’s backed by 60+ years of trichology knowledge (that would be the study of hair and scalp health BTW).

Supplements For Skin Repair

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Glow, Remedy, and Nox Blends ($25-55): When Harvard gives their stamp of approval on a vitamin with beauty benefits, you take note — as Beverly Hills dermatologist and creator of DNA Renewal, Dr. Moy did when he created his all-natural beauty supplements. Centered around nicotinamide (a powerful form of vitamin B3), these blends increase your body’s ability to repair sun and DNA damage, as well as improve the appearance of scars, hyper-pigmentation, skin texture, and pore size.

Start your day with the Remedy Blend, $25 (a morning dose of nicotinamide, made with turmeric, polypodium, folic acid, milk thistle extract, and mustard seed extract to kick-start your DNA repair) and end your evening with Nox Blend, $25 (a nightly dose of nicotinamide made with melatonin, lemon balm extract, and valerian root to keep you asleep). Glow Blend, $55, can also be taken at any time, to moisturize from within, since it’s a greens powder that contains the best of the best ingredients like collagen, gingko, hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract with resveratrol, and various forms of skin-enhancing algae.

Supplements For Stronger Nails

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Hum Nutrition Killer Nails ($10): If your nail beds are constantly in a state of disarray and your tips are breaking or even worse — yellowing or forming white lines — you need help and Hum has your back. Their vegan biotin strengthening formula increases nail thickness, reduces splitting, and makes the actual surface more even, so your polish (gel or reg) will go on better and last longer. Because let’s be serious: isn’t that what we’re really worried about?

Supplements For When You’re PMSing Hard

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BeautyMe ($20): When it’s your time of the month, life seems to take an inevitable dip, so NYC-based facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda decided to help us all out by inventing a supplement called BeautyMe. It’s meant to be taken ON your period (when estrogen levels drop) and clears up all those PMS-related issues like breakouts, dry hair, brittle nails, a dull visage, etc. Just add a scoop of the certified-organic, gluten-free, vanilla-flavored powder to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie — it even works in water — on the first day of your period and every day after, for five days.

Supplements For the Lazy Cuties Who Need an All-in-One

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Perfectil ($17-35): When you can’t be bothered shoveling a bunch of different capsules and tablets in your mouth every am, consider this multitasking supplement (that doubles as a multivitamin) your new best friend. Perfectil is the UK’s number one selling beauty supplement (which has finally arrived in the US 🙌) and was developed by derms and scientists, not some holistic enthusiast in a basement.

The vitamin is packed with riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), and biotin to give your skin a boost (and a J.Lo-worthy glow), along with minerals selenium and zinc, to strengthen hair and nails. It even won the Queen’s Award for Expertise in Innovation this year, so no wonder they’ve tapped supermodel Heidi Klum (who has enviable hair, skin, and long AF nails) as their ambassador.

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