These 3 Things Fixed All My Skin Issues


Hey my loves! Since I started as a beauty blogger nearly 10 years ago, I can confidently say I have tried thousands of products. It’s one of those things that is both amazing and fun but also crazy and stressful – among the great products, there are also a ton that have caused crazy breakouts and inflammation to my sensitive skin. That said, I’m super lucky that I get to try so many, and I’ve discovered some amazing brands and products along the way. As well as my all time faves, I wanted to share three things that have really made a huge difference to my skin, which give amazing long-term results and immediate effects.

Uma Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser, $65

brightening cleanser

This is possibly the best cleanser I’ve ever used – I could literally see a difference in the brightness of my skin within the first week of using it – and I love that I can use it in three ways, which helps justify the price!

The cleanser uses powdered rose to reduce uneven tone and give the skin a hit of hydration, while calendula extract and chamomile calm and purify the skin. Oats are one of the most amazing skincare ingredients (check out my fave DIY oat mask) and this mask harnesses the detoxing power of oats, and walnuts to gently exfoliate the skin. Bentonite clay is enriched with minerals and is also a star ingredient for extracting toxins in the skin and helping to keep pores tight and smooth.

This is such a cool product as it can be used as a wash, scrub, and a mask. To use as a cleanser, you simply combine a teaspoon of water with a teaspoon of the powder and massage into your skin. To use as a scrub, leave it on the skin for up to a minute and then gently massage the powder off your skin using circular motions. You guys know that I LOVE DIYs, and I’m so obsessed with using this as a mask by mixing it with my fave DIY ingredients, honey and yogurt, and leaving it on for around five minutes – my skin feels INSANELY soft afterward!

111Skin CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask, $31

amazing hydrating face mask

At $31 for a mask, this isn’t your everyday treatment, but if you’re looking for something to transform your skin before a big event or special occasion, this is it! This mask is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and it’s the first mask to incorporate crystallization outside of a clinic. You have to mix an activating gel with the treatment mask, which makes a gel-like substance that creates carbonic acid that pushes CO2 into the skin. Once applied, this process causes your skin to react with an influx of oxygen that leads to enhanced ATP production (the energy currency of cells), and increased collagen and elastin production.

Along with a soothing triple ceramide complex and aloe vera, the formula contains some really wordy ingredients that help to brighten the skin. All of these ingredients are pushed deep into the dermis by the crystallization technology. The results speak for themselves!

Combining the masks is a bit messy, but also makes me feel like a chemist! You have to apply a really thick layer that you should leave on for 40 minutes, so make sure you’re not in a rush and avoid facetime with your future bae – it’s not a sexy look! The result is pretty insane: my skin feels hydrated to the next level, and it’s visibly brighter and plumped, not to mention it feels so soft, even though I haven’t exfoliated. If your skin is dull, tired, thirsty and in need of a pick me up, this is probably the most effective mask you can try!

You can buy a single mask for $31 at Harvey Nichols (the only place I’ve found it sold separately) or you can buy 5 for $140

Ziip Beauty Device, $495

ziip beauty device

This beauty tool is like a 5-in-1 treatment tool that uses electrical currents to fix a ton of skin issues. It has different programs to do everything; from improving pigmentation to helping clear up breakouts, and my personal fave, the sculpting and lifting treatment – it legit works!

The device uses small electronic vibrations, which push current through the skin using positively and negatively charged discs, to stimulate cells. This increase in energy boosts levels of ATP (the energy currency of cells), which effectively stimulates the creation of elastin, collagen, and other amazing skin reactions.

ziip beauty device

Not only will you see an immediate lifting and sculpting result when you use the ‘Instant Gratification’ program (it only takes 4 minutes), but when used twice weekly, you’ll see a difference long term, and the same goes for treating blemishes and pigmentation. Check out my full review and more info here.

These products are pricey, but for me, they are worth it, because they really have made such a huge difference. There are also two skincare techniques which made a MASSIVE difference to my skin, which anyone can do at home; check it out here. I also don’t think good skincare has to be expensive and I’m a big fan of so many drugstore products, check out this full skincare routine using all drugstore products.

I hope you guys find these techniques helpful and let me know of any amazing products you think I should try in the comments below.