This K-Beauty Nail Trend Is About To Be Everywhere


At HB HQ, it’s safe to say that we’re nail art obsessed. We’re all about intricate swirl designs, smileys, and an infinite amount of nail swag. #SorryNotSorry. So needless to say, we’re always keen to hear about a new nail trend. The latest trend that caught our eyes is “Aurora” nails, which are inspired by the aurora borealis or northern lights. Here’s everything you need to know…

The Trend

Like many of our fave beauty trends, aurora nails originated in Korea. The hashtag #오로라네일 (#aurora nails in Korea’s Hangul script) has garnered over 143,000 hashtags on Instagram, with another 72,000 hashtags in English. As we’ve mentioned, they’re inspired by the mesmerizing aurora borealis: the natural light display where vibrant mystical colors light up the sky. The end result is an iridescent nail that reflects jewel-toned colors as the light hits, from icy blues and pinks to vibrant greens.

The nail look is achieved with specially created aurora gel or a super-reflective foil that’s embedded in the nail. These are recommended for salon use only, however, as it’s a new trend always call your nail salon to ensure they have the necessary products. We also love it when you combine the design with other nail art trends like smileys or even pearl detailing.

Failing that, you can DIY the trend at home with sheer, opalescent nail polish. We’re obsessed with the Essie Original Celebration Collection 696 Hello World White Shimmer Nail Polish, $12, as it creates a similar vibe with minimal effort.

At this point, we’re guessing you’re as obsessed as we are. However, if you’re a newbie to nail art, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into an otherwise minimal manicure by using it as your feature nail, AKA when you have the design on just one nail.

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