3 Juicy New Fragrance Brands You Need On Your Radar

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Your signature scent may glare at you as you read this, but psst, it’s okay to spice it up every now and then. We’ve got the DL on three new fragrance brands and their fab rollerballs that’ll have you cheating on the Dior’s and Chanel’s you’ve been oh-so-faithful to. Their juicy scents give the classics a run for their money with key notes you may have never sniffed before. Since their alluring scents are fresh in the market, we’ve got the tea…

1. Moodeaux

Why we love Moodeaux: Founder Brianna Arps knew scents trigger happy vibes before she bottled up natural ingredients without the usual alcohol and water. Her on-the-go spritz is packed with fragrance oils that elevate your senses for a vibe that’s powerful AF. Moodeaux aimed for the stars and didn’t miss because this juicy scent totally belong on your skin.

Add to cart: Worthy Supercharged Skinscent Grab-Then-Go Duo, $75

Don’t be fooled by its size because it packs a serious punch of citrus to get you smelling like you… But better. The warm mix of white tea and orange blossom takes over before settling to addictive notes of light lavender, vanilla woods, and amber.

2. Bathing Culture

Why we love Bathing Culture: Clean and super green, their biodegradable range of bath products is *chef’s kiss* perfect. Inspired by Mother Nature herself, their bars are lined with forest everything, from naturally sourced ingredients to mossy-scented lathering formulas. They have a stunning lineup of body washes, bathing salts, pumice scrubs, and other things we didn’t know our shower caddy needed.

Add to cart: Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil, $54

Not only is it fueled with skin-loving ingredients but a single swipe of this oil takes us backpacking across Western Europe (Friends fans, WYA?). The aromatic blend of eleven plants turns intimately musky as sweet nostalgia kicks in.

3. Old Vine Fragrance

Why we love Old Vine: Pair a knack for flowers and passion for scented everything, and you’ll land at Itika Oldwine’s doorstep, the first Black woman in the luxury fragrance scape. Her cherry-picked assortment of bouquets and candles will have you (your home, your office, your car – wherever really) smelling like roses all day long.

Add to cart: Meadow Bloom, $230

Its floral embrace wraps you (or your boo) in a subtle allure of wild freesia, water, and vanilla orchard leaves – we’d be lying if we said her stunning boutique of succulents, tulips, and red roses didn’t leave us mesmerized.

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