We’re 100% Here For These 6 Genius TikTok Beauty Hacks 


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TikTok is a magical world brimming with content that’ll make you lean in with fascination, lean back in horror, tilt your head in amazement, and clap with approval. You’ll def experience all the above emotions while thumbing through #beautytok and #skintok, with some hacks truly reaching genius heights while others hardly elicit a “meh.” 

We’re saving you some scrolling time – and upping your beauty game – by highlighting some of the absolute best TikTok beauty hacks of 2022. From frothing your foundation to skin cycling to a Barbie-level pony that’ll turn heads, the land of TikTok has truly delivered some goodies over these past months. 

1. Frothing Your Foundation 

@avonnasunshine CALL ME CRAZY but this is GENIUS @GLAMZILLA #makeuphack #frother #makeup #fyp ♬ original sound – Avonna Sunshine

People have tried just about everything possible to elevate their foundation application, which means it’s really hard to surprise anyone these days. Enter @avonnasunshine, a beauty TikToker who isn’t afraid of a little science experiment. Inspired by fellow #beautytoker @glamzilla (who DIYed her own frothy cleanser), she took a literal frothing wand to aerate a combination of foundation and water, and created the most gorgeous, lightweight airbrushed look ever. Einstein who? We tried it, and it works!

2. Vampire Skin

@imonaugust If you guys want to go as a Cullen for Halloween, just add orange contact lenses 🧛‍♀️✨ #glitter #makeup #twilight #tutorial ♬ Supermassive Black Hole (Twilight Soundtrack Version) – Muse

Speaking of gorgeous complexions, we need to talk about the viral, unapologetically glittery vampire skin hack that Tiktoker @imonaugust gifted us. The #beautytok genius combined foundation with a mega sparkly, cool-toned highlighter (Made By Mitchel Blursh Lights Liquid Highlighter in Drip Drip, $17, to be exact), then pressed some more shimmering highlighter on top. As one TikToker put it, it’s giving “Edward getting ready to go to the meadow with Bella.”

3. Barbie Ponytail Hack

@chrisappletonhair Try this hair hack for any one that wants to make there hair look thicker and upgrade there pony game 👱‍♀️@kittybluuuu ♬ Toxic x Pony – ALTÉGO

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton is a wealth of information. One of his most viral hacks to date – which has amassed over 3 million hearts – takes like 30 seconds and delivers a ponytail that even Barbie herself would covet. All you have to do is put your hair into a half ponytail, then divide the bottom portion and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. It somehow makes your hair look like 50% longer and a million times more voluminous.

4. Skin Cycling 

@drwhitneybowe Skin cycling for beginners: how to get started. And how to layer with Bowe Glowe #skincycling #thatboweglow #dermatologist #skintok ♬ original sound – Dr. Whitney Bowe

With so many potentially dangerous skincare hacks on #skintok (we’re looking at you sunscreen contouring and DIY skin tag removal), navigating the social media platform can feel like walking through a landmine. Follow legit skincare pros, like Dr. Whitney Bowe, and you’ll get some real gems. The dermatologist made skin cycling go viral earlier this year, and complexions ‘round the globe are happily rejoicing. The idea is to exfoliate on night one, apply a retinoid night two, then take two days of gentle recovery before starting the process over again.

5. Ultra Long Lashes Hack 

@isabelrosal_ Mascara hack. How do you usually makeup your eyelashes? #mascara #mascarahacks #mascarahack #makeuphacks #makeuptips #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – isabelrosal_

Don’t sleep on lash primers, but if you’re in a pinch and want the kind of eyelashes that create wind when you flutter, this viral beauty hack from @isabelrosal_ comes in clutch. She’s able to create a falsie effect by lightly applying liquid concealer to her lashes, then dipping the mascara wand into a finishing powder. Finally, she tops it off with two or three coats of mascara and the results are wild. 

6. Soda Can Curls

@jonathankmonroe Why is it spicy #curlyhair #hairinspo #hairtok ♬ Drake Massive Open Till L8 remix – Open Till L8

OK, so we’ll never toss our curling iron, but we’re 100% on board for an inventive spin on bodacious, retro Hollywood curls. Tiktoker and hair guru @jonathankmonroe is responsible for this hack going viral, which involves cutting off the top from a soda can, placing a section of hair inside, then blowing drying briefly. We were kinda sus at first, but others have given the beauty hack a go with the same results. 

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