Hit Or Miss: Will You Be Trying TikTok's Saucy Red Nail Theory?


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Cherish this moment because you’ll never look at red-coated things the same. Meet the #RedNailTheory – TikTok’s current obsession that has garnered serious momentum for its ability to seduce – wait for it – men. We know, we know… it’s controversial, so let’s separate the facts from fiction. No time to waste…

What’s The Red Nail Theory?

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The deets: TikToker and marketing girl boss, @girlbosstown, brought the #RedNailTheory into the limelight when she claimed red nails guaranteed her more attention from men. She said that whenever she wore red nails, she’d received tons of compliments from men and credits it to a somewhat Freudian theory! Okay, this is where it gets a little weird… She believes it’s because it reminds men of their mothers and other figures of authority who all used to wear red nail polish when it was popular back in the 90s.

It’s far-fetched, we know, but the Freudian element aside, red color theory has thousands of studies to back, back, back it up, which confirm it makes you feel confident, powerful, and undoubtedly grabs people’s attention. More on that later…

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The hype: According to TikTokers, red nails have helped them score more dates, which is probably why the trend has over 106 million views (and counting).

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What Science Says About Red Nails

Fact: every color has a wavelength that determines its visibility, and red is at the top of the list. Studies confirm red makes YOU the center of attention, whether that’s on your nails, your lips, or your clothes. So get your red nail polish, lipstick, or ‘fit at the ready if you want to be in the spotlight.

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Some studies even say that the eye-catching hue oozes baddie energy and changes how all people behave around you, not just men. Okay…

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Our Fave Red Nail Polish Picks: We’d choose Bernadette Thompson Nail Care Naughty, $18, or Zoya Carmen, $12, if we’re DIYing it. Alternatively, the KISS imPRESS Press-On Manicure Fake Nails, $17, in the shade Reddy or Not, are ideal if press-ons are your vibe.

Our Thoughts

Real talk: the TikTok #RedNailTheory had us all up in our feelings. TBH, we don’t really like the idea of picking our nail color for anyone but ourselves. But when we understood the scientific data, which confirms that wearing red makes you feel powerful and confident, our initial resistance began to subside. In our opinion, whatever makes YOU feel your best is what will attract good energy, not just from your crush but from the universe.

TBH, we’re still on the fence, so let’s debate in the comments below! For more self-love reading, bookmark our tips on how to feel more confident in your own skin

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