6 Cute Ways To Make Yellow Makeup Work For You


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Splashy, bold colors are enjoying a moment this spring and summer, and TBH we can’t get enough of them. Science tells us that wearing bright colors – and seeing others sport them – can actually make us feel happier, and sometimes it’s just therapeutic to stretch beyond the expected.

Today we’re zeroing in on yellow, which conjures visions of overflowing sunflower fields, sunny skies, and juicy lemons. From chic yellow blush to graphic yellow liner, we asked professional makeup artists for pro tips on how to make this happy hue work in your favor.

1. Graphic Yellow Eyeliner

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If you’re not quite sure about going full yellow just yet, dip your toes in the water with just a touch of yellow eyeliner. Not only does it look very of-the-moment, but it’ll instantly enhance your eyes.

When creating this look, Kenyata Starr Gant – makeup artist and founder of Pink Lipps Cosmetics – says to keep everything else simple. You can either keep your lid naked or apply a neutral hue that’s one to two shades away from your complexion. For lips, try a nude hue. If you wanted, you could try a double liner look to help the yellow stand out even more. “When doing a double liner, start with the bottom black liner closer to the lash line first. Let that completely dry, then go in with the second yellow liner,” Gant says.

Our favorite yellow eyeliners include the Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA Chroma Stix Makeup Pencils, $18 in shade Yellow and Shiseido’s MicroLiner Ink, $22, in Yellow, which goes from pencil to liquid when it touches your skin (so cool). Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner, $23, in shade Grillz, is more of a metallic golden yellow, which reads less graphic and more glam.

2. Bold Yellow Blush

Of all the colors you’d choose to sweep onto your cheeks, we can’t imagine yellow would position itself in the top five. Don’t let that stop you from giving it a go, though. Yellow blush can make a seriously DGAF statement and has so much selfie potential, too.

“When it comes to wearing yellow blush, it doesn’t have to be applied in the same place as other blush,” notes celebrity makeup artist Jose Clark-Hilery, founder of Glam Kings. “Try applying it higher – closer to the temple.”

To get the look, try Scott Barnes Blush Single, $30, in shade Plumeria, which is the perfect shade of vibrant matte yellow. NYX Professional Makeup SFX Crème Colour, $10, in shade Gold, is packed with shimmer for more of a glowy golden bronzed effect. And if you prefer a creamy consistency, grab Rituel de Fille Color Nectar Pigment Balm Wasp, $26, in shade Passionfruit Yellow.

3. Smokey Yellow Eyes

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We’re always here for a smokey ombre moment, and yellow makes the whole thing way more exciting. “Doing a yellow ombré from light to dark is so stunning,” says Grant. “When creating an ombré eye look with the same shade family, apply the lighter one near the inner corner and begin the gradient affect with shades that gradually get darker towards the outer corner and crease.”

Repeat for the lower lash line, as well. For some extra dimension, lightly press glitter into the desired areas with a clean brush or fingers. Our Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – Toffee, $29, has everything you need to complete this high-glam look. For more drama, don’t forget your falsies.

4. Abstract Yellow Lids

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We’re high key obsessed with the whole “coloring outside of the lines” trend circulating throughout the beauty world RN. Yellow is a natural fit with its unapologetic vibrancy, but you can go one step further by applying the hue in a more abstract way. We recommend taking a painterly approach with a liquid pigment and eyeshadow brush. No rules here – just have fun.

Our two favorite options are the Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Matte, $18, in shade Primary Yellow and HAUS LABS Hy-Power Pigment Paint, $24, in shade Citrine Matte.

5. A Sunny Yellow Pout

Yellow lips are also an unexpected beauty maneuver, and that’s precisely why it works so well. Pulling it off takes a bit of know-how, though, since even the tiniest mistakes show up. “The best tip I can give for making yellow lipstick pop is to prime the lips first,” says Clark-Hilery. “Apply some face foundation to cover the entire lip, then get a lip liner that complements the yellow lipstick. Finally, apply the yellow lipstick with a brush to blend it in.”

He says this approach makes the yellow look more vibrant, creates a well-defined lip, and helps prevent feathering or bleeding. Use a small lipstick brush also makes for more precise application. You can use the liquid pigments mentioned above for saturated yellow lips. If you prefer a more shimmery look, try Pat McGrath Labs BlitzTrance™ Lipstick, $40, in shade Blitz Gold.

6. Monochromatic Yellow 

Yellow may be synonymous with “slow down” or caution, but if you’re feeling the yellow vibes then do not hold back. Monochromatic yellow makeup is a surefire way to make a statement that says, “I do what I want.”

“Monochromatic yellow eyeshadow, blush, and lips is so on trend,” says Gant. To recreate the look, she says to grab a singular yellow eyeshadow and then use it over your lid just beyond the crease. Then, use the same eyeshadow as your blush. “Apply it to the high points of your cheeks towards the nose and lips,” she says. “The yellow liner is a great way to keep the monochromatic look going. For a final touch, add some gold highlighter for shine.”

Definitely explore whether wearing bright makeup can help you feel happier. (Spoiler: science says it def can.)

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