Why Our #FauxFilter Foundation Is Unlike Any Other You've Tried Before

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huda beauty foundation new fauxfilter effect

If there’s something I think I can add to the beauty world, then I have to do it! And with the current foundation offering, I felt something was missing. It wasn’t because there aren’t beautiful foundations on the market already, but there wasn’t one collection that ticked all the boxes for me, so we had to make one that did. We’ve spent nearly two years perfecting our foundation range, and the number one thing we wanted to achieve was a shade offering that would be inclusive for EVERYONE! This was the most important factor for me; having always struggled to find a shade that fit me and didn’t mask my skin, I wanted to eliminate this worry and create something that would make everyone feel gorgeous.

I’ve always been fascinated with skin tones, and as a makeup artist, constantly working with new people really gives you a deep understanding of the vast array of shades; everyone’s skin tells a story, and each one is beautiful in its unique way. We ended up shade matching hundreds of people, from everyone in our office and warehouse to friends, waiters, husbands, and neighbors, I might have even insisted on shade matching a waitress once! The result is a 30-shade collection that embraces and celebrates all skin tones – from the very fair to rich and deep skin tones, beiges, olives, and golden shades – so you can find a match that will enhance all your natural beauty without hiding it. (Swatches coming to Instagram soon).

Another hugely important thing for me was the coverage. I’ve always struggled with my skin (I think we’ve all experienced a skin nightmare), and in the world of selfies we live in, bad skin can majorly affect your confidence. This issue was key to creating the perfect formula: we wanted to develop a full coverage foundation that would create a flawless real-time filter effect. So we packed #FauxFilter with skin-perfecting pigments that will blur blemishes, conceal hyperpigmentation, and hide imperfections, but the beauty of it is that it still looks like skin.

Once we got started we couldn’t stop at a foundation, the more we got into the process, the more we wanted to do. Being a beauty blogger for more than ten years, I know foundation application can be such a struggle for everyone, so we designed our Face Blending Brush that will give you effortless streak-free results. And because we demand so much from our makeup – it needs to be able to stand the test of our hectic schedules – we created a primer so you could have all the tools you needed to make application easy and seamless. Our Complexion Perfection Primer will create the most gorgeous, healthy canvas to make the best pre-makeup base, and I can’t wait to show you all the other ways it can be used as well, (all to be revealed)!

The development of these products has honestly been such an incredible process, and I’m so nervous and excited to see what you all think. The #FauxFilter foundation will cost $40, the Complexion Perfection Primer will be $35, and the Face Blending Brush is $25. They will all be available worldwide this October. Stay tuned on our Instagram for all the latest news.