Why Shaving My Face Is The Best Thing I Ever Did


I know, I know, it seems completely crazy, but hear me out! Face shaving is actually amazing, and this is why; not only will it be the best way to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz, exfoliate your skin, and help with dark spots and aging, but it’ll make your makeup glide on like never before. Even Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces! The thing is, I’m a hairy person, and just the idea of it seemed ridiculous to me. I thought if I did it, it would turn me into a wildebeest, and Chris would divorce me. I thought that all the people who had done it before surely couldn’t have been as hairy as me. But all the positives of face shaving called to me, and I decided I had to at least try it.

I did my research and ordered Tinkle razors on Amazon; they’re only a few dollars and the best type of razor to use. As soon as they arrived, I took the plunge and did my first dry shave. Honestly, after that first time, it was like an epiphany: my peach fuzz was gone, it was like intense exfoliation for my face, and my makeup applied so well!

How I Shave My Face:

Shaving my face is now part of my weekly beauty routine. I do it every Saturday morning; sometimes I don’t even need to do it everywhere because I actually feel like my hair has become thinner. It took me about five to 10 minutes the first time I did it, but now it literally only takes a few minutes. I know, it’s super scary the first time you try it, but honestly, try it, and you won’t believe how incredible your skin feels and how flawless your makeup will look – you’ll love it!

How to: It takes no time! Start by washing your face, ensuring it’s completely dry before you start shaving (don’t apply anything to your skin first!). What I love about these little single-blade razors is it’s really easy to target specific areas of your face, or if you’re extra like me, you can do it everywhere. Slightly pull your skin up towards your eyes (so that the skin is taught), and do small downward strokes with the blade at a 45-degree angle. Do this for the entire bottom half of your face, and you can also do your forehead as well, but if you do, just be super careful of your brows and be very light-handed – you don’t need a lot of pressure. Post-shave, I give my skin a little rinse. Then, make sure you hydrate your skin afterward, as the process can be exfoliating. Check out my tutorial below:

Shaving your Face: The Dos

– Do be super careful! Hold the blade at a 45-degree angle; if you hold it horizontally, you’re more likely to cut yourself.
– Do be gentle: Don’t apply a lot of pressure; it’s not necessary.
– Do clean your razor with rubbing alcohol in between shaving sessions. And replace your razor often.
– Do hold your skin taught; this will minimize the chance of you cutting yourself, and it will make the process easier.

Shaving your Face: The Don’ts

– Please don’t do this on wet skin.
– Don’t try your leg razer; it just won’t do the same job.
– Avoid moles and pimples.
– Don’t be afraid! If you’re scared to try it, do a small test patch somewhere conspicuous first.
– Don’t forget the aftercare: use a vitamin C serum or something nourishing afterward, as you’re essentially exfoliating your skin, plus the products are more easily absorbed – yay!

The Truth:

– Once you start shaving, depending on your hair, you may need to continue… but it feels so amazing you will probably want to!
– I don’t notice any stubble or a bristle-like feeling, but some people do.
– If you have sensitive skin, it is possible to get razor burn which often appears as a raised red area that feels sensitive to the touch, but this will likely go away within 24 to 48 hours.
– Honestly, if you have minimal hair or it doesn’t bother you, this is not something you NEED to do!
– I do it every week, but some people do it as little as once or twice a month, while others do it more frequently.

Shaving is not for everyone, and laser hair removal may be a better solution for you. I have tried just about every type of hair removal, and for me, shaving my face works amazingly! Check out my experience trying all different types of hair removal techniques:

If you don’t fancy shaving your face yourself, then you can also have this done with an experienced aesthetician. The process is called dermaplaning, and it’s slightly more intense than doing it yourself at home as they tend to use much sharper blades, which also remove the top layer of skin. Find out all about dermaplaning and how it’s done here.

Does shaving your face make your hair grow back thicker?

A lot of you were asking in the comments that if you shaved your face, would your hair grow back thicker, darker, and quicker – this is such a good question as I thought this would happen too! Here’s the thing: when you shave, the blade cuts your hair making it a sharp edge, however, naturally the tip of a hair is the finest part – it’s pointed so that it can make its way from the hair follicle through layers of skin. When you shave, the regrowth of the hair with its new blunt edge makes it feel as though it’s thicker and looks darker, but really, it’s not.

Does shaving your face make your hair grow back quicker?

The growth of hair is controlled by the follicle, and shaving doesn’t affect the follicle or the growth pattern of the follicle – this is science! Every area of your body has a different growth rate, and every person’s hair follicles are unique. So the hair on your face is usually thinner than the hair on your legs, but the rate of hair growth on your face is generally faster.

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