You’ll Never Guess The “Lip Balm” Celebs & MUAs Swear By



Everybody has that one holy grail lip balm they can’t live without — that one tube of lip-soothing goodness that’s now become a prominent fixture on your WFH table. For us, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or a tiny tub of the OG Vaseline is always within arm’s reach for the occasional parched pout. But word on the street is that there’s another game-changing yet underrated lip treatment that deserves endless praise. And some of you may already have it in your bathroom cabinets as we speak…

Nipple cream.

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Yes, you read that right, actual nipple cream. Even Margot Robbie vouches for it, and this is mainly due to its hero ingredient, lanolin. We know, you’re probably thinking, not another word to add to skincare’s never-ending glossary, but we’ve ensured that our little lanolin guide is short, sweet, and to the point.

What is ‘lanolin’?

Lanolin is an emollient that you’ll come across in the ingredients lists of many cosmetics formulas. Derived from a sheep’s shorn wool, this lipid-rich oil is pale-yellow with a creamy and waxy feel. Just like how we secrete oil in our hair and skin, one could say that lanolin is a sheep’s version of sebum, extracted from wool that is sheared and boiled. Bear in mind that there is no cruelty involved in this process. Shearing is done once or twice a year, and it’s basically the seasonal haircut for a sheep’s fleece.

What are some of Lanolin’s benefits?

Its skin-soothing and moisture-retaining properties do serious wonders in treating dry and cracked skin. Simply put, lanolin is a triple-duty remedy that works to hydrate, heal and shield the skin.

So what’s with all the hype?

Despite its featherlight texture, it packs a serious punch when it comes to moisture, penetrating the skin to hydrate from within, which explains why it’s often referred to as a winter-skin powerhouse. Lanolin also leaves a protective barrier on the lips, safeguarding them from moisture loss. It is known to carry 200 times its weight in moisture, working overtime to draw in water from the air. Therefore reapplication throughout the day is minimal as a little goes a long way with this ingredient.

Can it be used on all skin types?

If you have a wool allergy, it’s probably best to stay clear of it. Like any new ingredient introduced to your routine, we highly suggest doing a patch test before slathering this on your lips, as lanolin can cause irritations or reactions on sensitive skin. Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin Tube, $8, is one product that continues to get stamps of approval from beauty enthusiasts all-around.


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However, if an entire tube of nipple cream can’t fit in your clutch bag or your minute Jacquemus, there are several other bag-friendly lanolin-infused products you can opt for instead. Our top picks?


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Lanolips The Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, $14: This multi-award winning formula contains Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin, providing the highest dose of hydration to small areas that are prone to extreme dryness, such as your lips, cuticles, and elbows.


Source: Walgreens

Blistex DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment SPF20, $3: Another cult-favorite that combines natural moisturizers and skin protectants to create the ultimate lip conditioning formula. Aloe and anti-oxidant-rich cocoa butter work together to boost hydration levels and repair, while vitamin A and E help improve skin health and tone.


Source: Walmart

Carmex Classic Lip Balm SPF15, $3 (for a 3-pack): Other notable ingredients in this classic lip balm stick include avocado and beeswax to keep your pout supple from nine to five, as well as camphor with its anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate skin irritations and pain.

Have you ever used nipple cream for your lips before? Let us know in the comments below — we want to hear all about it!