5 Celeb MUAs Uncover The Hottest Makeup Trends Of The Year


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In a world of celebrity, one might think it’s Hollywood’s A-listers who create the beauty trends, but we all know it’s really their pros in the shadows armed with the makeup brushes, color palettes, falsies, and the good ideas that wind up becoming the next big movement. Which is why we asked five of the leading glamsqauaders about their favorite eye, lip, cheek, and skin looks this past year, so you can rock them until 2019, when the new hot trend comes around. Happy blending, babes!

Bold Color

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She’s created some of Miley Cyrus’ most iconic looks (remember that glitter look from head-to-toe?), and she’s Haily Baldwin’s go-to MUA, Denika Bedrossian, Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist has all the tips:  “There have been so many gorgeous trends in 2018, starting with various shapes, colors, textures, and placement of eyeliner, pops of neon — even adding natural freckles. For eyeliner, I love using bright colors rather than black and have used long-wear lipsticks, neon body paints and colored mascara for a dramatic wing.”

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“Lips are always a fun and easy way to look done up without a whole lot of makeup and this year bright and neon is in, whether they are ultra matte or high gloss. Yellows and limes have been my favorites.”

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“To create fake freckles, take your favorite eyebrow pencil and dot them on, or Freck makes a great product to add natural freckles. For cheeks, I like to take a more metallic shade and bring it up through the apple to the high temple.”

Sunset Eyes and Draping

Dior Makeup Artist Ricky Wilson is the go-to guy for red carpet makeup for some of Hollywood’s most glam, and he’s painted celeb faces for more editorial magazines and runway shows than we can count. His fav beauty trends of the year?  “My top two trends are sunset eyes and draping. Sunset eyes because warm orange, bronze gold, and reddish tones look great on any eye color, and are the perfect alternative to the traditional brown shadow. I also love draping because I’ve never been a fan of heavy contouring. Instead, I like to play around with blush on the face — outside of the traditional areas. Sometimes I will use up to three complementary blushes at once to achieve the desired look. The beauty of this trend is that anyone can do it… You don’t have to be a pro.”

“For sunset eyes, I don’t use a lot of liner, but I do start by brushing a dark brown close to the lashes on the upper and lower lids. Next, I use the orange bronze and golden tones to diffuse the dark brown shade for a beautiful soft look, and I tend not to use much brow highlighter. For draping, I typically use a fluffy blush brush for this technique and use a few different blush colors based on skin tone — one lighter, one deeper and one intense. As for the products I’m loving right now, those would be: Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette in Warm ($49) for eyes and Dior Rouge Blush in #962 Poison ($44, available later this month) and #475 Rose Caprice ($44), mixed together for cheeks.”

Glossy Errythang and Undone Lips

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Girl after our own hearts, Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist, Steve Kassajikian is king of creating that dewy glow you always lust after, and we’re obsessed with his fav trends: “Some of my favorite trends that I’m seeing right now are glossy lips, cheekbones and eyelids and the perfectly blurred and ‘undone lip,’ which has more blurred or faded edges around the lip, rather than a precise, over-drawn lip line. The best way to achieve this is by applying a lipstick or lip mousse in the center of the lip, then rubbing the lips together to blur it out. You can also pat the lip color on the outer edges with your fingers and Beyoncé has recently been rocking the trend so you know it’s a good one.”

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“The Urban Decay LO-FI Lip Mousse ($22) is great for this just-bitten effect since it’s whipped to airy perfection and is weightless, buildable and waterproof.”

Power Pastels and Shimmer Lids

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Girl after our own hearts, Stila Cosmetics Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist, Sarah Lucero‘s fav looks for the year are super pretty and wearable. “Power pastels have taken front stage on eyes for spring/summer, which means pastels that pop like mint, coral, baby blue, lavender, violets, and bright beige. Try Stila Smudge Kajal Eye Liner in Nude, $12 — it’s the perfect nude beige peach pencil to brighten up eyes with a swipe close to the lash line and can be used to also lighten up a darker pencil and make it look pastel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shades to create colorful cat eyes either — check out Tibi for looks I just did at NYFW.

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“Shimmer textures and metallic makeup are on trend as well, and Stila’s Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ($24) is my new favorite since the shades are perfection and flatter all skin tones. La Douce is a sultry olive, golden green (my personal favorite) and when you pair that with two coats of mascara you have a killer eye look in seconds.”

Glitter Lids and Extreme Lashes

If there’s one trend we can always get on board with, it’s glitter! Hourglass Global Makeup Artist, Chanel Temple, knows how to keep the look low key yet on trend: “A winged eye will always be a classic, but this year we’ve seen a playful spin on the traditional liquid liner that incorporates a bit more color or the most subtle touch of glitter. Lately, one of my go-to looks is a light wash of our new Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows ($29) across the lid, finishing with a liquid liner. I never thought I’d be the girl to regularly reach for a glitter eyeshadow, but the formula on this one is so sophisticated and elevated — it’s a glitter you can easily wear to the office or amp up for a night out.”

“Big, extreme lashes have also been a must in 2018. There’s nothing subtle about this trend that’s all about dramatic, sky-high lashes with major volume. Anyone can easily get the look using falsies or getting lash extensions, but if the idea of either of those scares you, I recommend trying Caution Extreme Lash Mascara ($29). It’s like false lashes in a tube!”

Let us know which is your fav look in the comments below, and your fav makeup trend of the year so far!