5 Super Easy Trends To Upgrade Your Hair Game


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As much as we love our usual loose flowing locks, in the middle of summer, it’s basically like wearing a blanket of hair. So, if you’re as bored of a messy bun and a braid as much as we are, we’ve got five sexy new and on-trend ways to easily update your updo. From chic accessories to throwback hair trends, whatever you’re feeling, we’ve got you covered…

1. Tie it SUPER high

A high ponytail is SO in right now! They’re popping up all over our IG feed and we’ve seen it on some of the biggest names on the red carpet, from Beyoncé to Kim K. To take it to the next level like Ariana, braid a few tiny sections of your hair before you put it up; it transforms a pony from a low key, last-minute look to a statement do.

How to: Braid two small plaits starting one inch above your ear, braiding up towards the top of your head, then secure with bands. If you want you can do another at the center, like Ariana. Once all your braids are done, pull the rest of your hair to your crown and secure it with a hair tie. Next, take a thin strand of hair from the bottom of your pony and wrap it around the base of your ponytail, so that the band is no longer visible. Secure the hair strand using a bobby pin.

2. Add chunky metal accessories

We’re completely obsessed with these metal hairgrips. They immediately make a ponytail look chic AF and mega sophisticated. We like to wear one with a simple low key bun or ponytail to let the clip take center stage. Pearls are also another cute way to adult(ify) a ponytail.

How to: Comb your hair to make sure there are no knots. Part your hair in a center or side parting, brushing through your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure your hair in a bun and then clip with your metal accessory.

3. Leave those pins exposed

It seems like 90s trends are all people are wearing right now, and this retro throwback is no exception. One of the biggest advocates of this look (and pretty much all 90s trends) is Bella Hadid, and we’re high key feeling it. (Swipe right above for all the exposed pin looks).

How to: This trend works well with a low bun or ponytail that’s tied at the nape of your neck, but really you can rock any updo. Then, sliiiiiide those pins in, in whatever way you choose.

4. Slay a scrunchie

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Another 90s trend we’re totally crushing over right now is the scrunchie. They’ve been back for in fashion for a little while, but we’re expecting a major comeback. Scrunchies are actually much better for your hair too, as they create less tension and cause less breakage than an elastic hair tie. For ultimate luxe vibes, opt for a silk scrunchie… We’re also into denim and velvet – TBH we’d wear them all!

How to: You know how! Rock it with a bun or a ponytail, just wear it high on your head for fashion feels instead of grandma vibes.

5. Get playful with bobbles

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To add a playful element to your updo, create this cute bobble effect. It’s literally so cute and so easy to do. Plus, it works well with any pony style from a high pony to cute AF pigtails.

How to: Fasten your hair in a pony, then moving down in one or two inch-sections from the base, keep adding hair ties. Then, gently tease the hair outwards from the center point of each section.

We love this braided style on Perrie Edwards!

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