5 Life-Changing Things You Should Do Every Day


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We’re always so busy, that sometimes we forget what’s most important – ourselves! Taking the time to refocus your energy and rebuild and strengthen your mental well-being on a daily basis is SO important. So, we’ve compiled a list of daily thoughts and actions that you should do each day, whenever your mood hits anything less than ‘all Gucci‘! We all get negative feelings now and again, but, it’s how you deal with this negativity that’s important, and how you try and turn this low and transform it into a high. Over time, these super-easy life hacks (literally, anyone can do these), will help make you a happier and more positive person… And the more positive you are, so will the people around you become, so basically, everyone will begin spreading positive fairy dust everywhere (that’s the goal!). If there’s one thing that’s worth investing in, it’s your happiness and self-worth!

1. Be Your Own Cheerleader

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Whenever our friends are feeling down, we immediately try to boost their confidence. But when it’s us in the same situation, instead of giving ourselves the same compassionate boost, we fill our minds with self-doubt. We know it may seem weird at first, but the next time you’re feeling down, speak to yourself out loud, with the same empathic, positive words that you would use for your bestie. This practice of speaking to yourself aloud in third person has actually proven to help you focus while improving your memory, your mindset, and your athletic performance – it’s actually a method used by Navy Seals and Special Forces to help them overcome difficult times. Verbal self-encouragement will also help break the cycle of negativity, which our brain can get stuck in, as neuroscience tells us that our brain can become transfixed on negative emotions, causing us to repeat the unfulfilling thought shaping your consciousness. Remember, words are powerful and can have a profound effect, which is why it’s so important to be your own cheerleader, and let your words lift you up!

2. Give a genuine compliment

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Taking the time each day to give someone a genuine compliment can have SUCH a positive impact! One study even concluded that the brain reacts in the same way when someone receives cash to when someones receives a compliment. Not only are you making their day but you’re creating a circle that breeds positive and good vibes; which you’ll benefit from too. Plus, giving compliments feels good, and people are a lot more likely to want to be around a positive person who makes them feel better about themselves. Compliments also make a great leader, as you’re generating a confident and constructive attitude. Just make sure you look at people directly in the eyes with a smile, as this will let them know you’re being sincere. Your compliment can be as simple as saying how much you like someone’s hair, or that you enjoyed their presentation, as long as it’s genuine.

3. Practice gratitude

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The practice of gratitude (stating what you’re thankful for) may seem simple, but it can have an extremely beneficial impact on your state of mind and self-worth. One study showed that it’s been shown to reduce depression and increase happiness, while another showed it improved your self-esteem. Gratitude helps create a world where people are kinder to one another, and more likely to show acts of kindness. So, while you have your morning cup of coffee, think of three things you’re thankful for, or even better, three personality traits that were instilled in you, that you’re thankful for. It could be anything from you’re ‘glad your mom taught you good manners’, or that you’re ‘lucky to have such a caring best friend,’ just make sure they’re different each day.

4. Take a digital detox

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The average person spends two hours a day on social media, which means in your lifetime, you’ll spend over five years on your phone scrolling through Instagram – that is CRAAAZY! Especially as most of the time, it’s simply out of boredom. Constantly seeing other people out having a good time when you’re sat at home can put you in a negative mindset, even if you chose to stay in and relax! Instead, partake in a mood-boosting activity like going for a run or taking a long bath – anything, as long as it’ll improve your mood. Next time you catch yourself aimlessly scrolling through your social feed, stop; why not message a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while, call someone you love, plan out your week, or go through your phone photos – there will be so many amazing memories for you to reminisce!

5. Smile 

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We know it may sound silly, but smiling will instantly make you feel happier and will create a positive aura around you, which others will also warm to. Even if you’re not feeling your best, smiling will trigger endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin (the happiness hormone) to be released from your brain which will, in turn, boost your mood. Most people will also return the smile, which in turn will enhance your positivity and your confidence.

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