How To Find Your Perfect #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil Shade Match


#BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil

We all know that having bomb brows is a complete game changer – brows frame the face and add structure. Whether you love a full and thick brow or something light and fluffy, finding the perfect shade is imperative! So, we wanted to give you all our tips and tricks to make it extra easy for you to find a flawless #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil match for you.


Our first-ever brow product is a pencil like no other with eight comprehensive shades that work beautifully for all brows. #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil has THE THINNEST tip possible for an eyebrow pencil (yes, thinner than any other pencil you have tried before!), which means creating realistic hair-like strokes is actually possible. The tip is so thin, you just need to twist a tiny amount of product up (1 mm to be precise) to start filling in and defining your brows. You’ll never need to sharpen it, because literally, you cannot get any sharper than this!

#BOMBBROWS microfine tip

The formula is extremely long-wearing – 24 hours! – and is waterproof, sweat-proof and transfer-proof. And unlike other brow pencils, this won’t dry up or tug out hairs as the formula is enriched with a creamy blend of vitamin E, castor oil, and coconut oil. This means super smooth application and effortless building and blending before it sets in place for all-day wear.

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Brow Shade

Choosing the right shade for your brows depends on two things. The first is obviously your hair color and hair undertones, the second is based on your preferred brow style. The latter varies because it depends on how much brow product you will use. For example, the rule is often to go one shade lighter than your brows, which is ideal if you like to heavily fill in your brows with product, as the pigment builds up and the color appears more intense. However, because #BOMBBROWS creates hair-like strokes that are so fine and tiny, if you want to do hyper-real looking hair-like strokes, you can actually opt for a shade the same or one shade darker than your natural brow. This will help them to stand out and look defined.

For matching your brows, think about it in the same way you might choose a foundation. When choosing your Brow Pencil shade, look at the undertones. Is your hair warm, with golden or red highlights? Or is your hair cooler, with ashier undertones? Try and pick your brow shade with the same undertones as your skin and hair for the most natural looking brow. Each #BOMBBROWS shade has the undertone in the shade description to make the range super easy to shop.

Meet the #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil Shades

#BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil shades

To develop our shades, Huda worked closely with her team of product developers, makeup artists, friends and family, and of course combined it with her decade-long experience testing brow products. This, alongside insights shared by blog readers and her social family, gave Huda a wealth of knowledge to understand brow shades.

One key point that came to the forefront was that people who had cooler-toned hair colors often went with neutral or warmer tones. This is because the cooler tones tended to look more drawn-in versus neutral and warm shades that look and feel more natural. This is why you’ll notice the majority of our shades are either neutral or warm-toned.

Whatever your brow color or preference, we know you’ll find a bomb match for your brows!

#BOMBBROWS Shade 1 – Warm Blonde


This is our lightest shade and it’s amazing for those of you with blonde or golden blonde hair as the warm undertone keeps it from looking grey.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 2 – Neutral Blonde


This neutral blonde, taupe-like shade works amazingly for neutral blonde shades and those of you with cool blonde hair. Thanks to the balance of cool undertones in this shade, it also works well with platinum blonde hair, without looking ashy.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 3 – Caramel Blonde


The perfect balance of deep warm blonde tones mixed with auburn, this shade works for both redheads with red tones in their brow, but also for very fair, warm brunettes.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 4 – Light Brown


This warm brown shade works perfectly for those with brown hair who prefer a soft-looking brow that complements lighter brow hair.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 5 – Medium Brown

This neutral brown shade is super universal and works on a variety of undertones thanks to its balance of cool and warm tones that complement many shades of brown hair.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 6 – Rich Brown


This rich brown shade has warm undertones that look amazing on those with chocolate-brown and deep brown hair colors. The warm undertone also complements rich skin tones beautifully, as deep brown shades can tend to look grey if not warm enough.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 7 – Black Brown


This deep, black-brown shade is ideal for those with dark brown and black hair colors. It also works to add  dimension for those with slightly fairer brows who prefer to add depth with color to create a stronger brow.

#BOMBBROWS Shade 8 – Soft Black


A soft black shade with cool undertones that works beautifully for deeper hair colors without looking harsh or unnatural on the skin.

Tips for grey hair: We have found that those with silver or grey hair have very different shade preferences, and a true grey color tends not to be flattering for all skin tones. We recommend opting for a shade close to your original hair color that is a shade lighter.

Your #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil Brand Shade Comparison Guide

We wanted to make it extra easy for you to own your #BOMBBROWS by finding matches from two amazing brands we know you’ll ask us about. So, we’ve compared our shades to brow legends, Benefit Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverley Hills, to help you find a match. Although our shades are not identical to either of these brands, we’ve selected those that have the closest match, and we’ve also added notes where the closest match varies slightly in undertone or color.