Weird Beauty: The Craziest Beauty Trends We Saw On The Internet This Week


The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and with it, there are tonnes of extreme crazy new ideas. Although some are total hits and some are probably better kept behind closed doors (talking to you, nose hair extensions) we can’t help keeping up with them. From glittering booties to craaaazy mannies, these eight beauty trends we’ve discovered this week are pretty out there – be prepared for the good, the bad, and the weird af!

The Anti-Tan

While some of us spend hours in the sun or layering on the fake tan to get a gorgeous tan, over in Eastern Asia, they’re going to next levels to protect their skin from the sun. The ‘facekini’ aka a balaclava-meets-swim cap facemask is the new SPF 100 – perhaps just a little bit extreme?


Glitter. Is. Everything. If we could add glitter to our cereal we would (don’t try this at home)! This trend is back and just in time for festival season, so if you’re off to Ibiza or a festival, we say this is the best way to bedazzle your self. We’re SO here for this!

Graphic Hair

You can officially wear your fav Pokemon in your hair. Although this looks like a couple of miss-placed highlights, this dye job has a secret! You’ll probably have to see it to believe it, but this peekaboo Pikachu is actually seriously cute.

Highlights? Nah. Ombre? Pfft! Plaid? Wait a minute… So, we get that you’re going to need some more explanation, we did too. People are dyeing their hair plaid. Still not sure? Adding to the line-up of unique and fun ways to color your hair, plaid or tartan hair has made a dramatic debut. Like this pink-and-blue pattern, the concept is definitely worth checking out.

Let’s be honest. We definitely don’t miss the bleached block stripes of the ‘90s. But the ‘80s pixels are something we may be able to get back on board with. This ‘pixel hair’ trend turns your hair into a work of abstract art while giving off old school arcade vibes. Totally a look that even Ms Pac-Man could get behind.

Weird AF Nails

Brace yourself, this one is just a little on the creepy side. Unless you’re trying to prove yourself to your dental hygienist, this is not a look that we’d recommend.

There’s almost no words to describe this one except that it’s udderly mad. This manicure, or should we say moo-nicure *wink*, actually allows you to keep milk in your nails that you can squeeze out of a bizarre pink udder. You know, because it’s really important to make sure you have milk on you for your trente no-foam, five-shot, half-calf, no-foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees. We have to say, these nail art skills are next level, even if we won’t be getting these anytime soon!

We understand the concept of making opening a bottle easier, but this is maybe a little too far. Having a corkscrew attached to every one of your fingers seems more of a safety hazard than anything, and just imagine trying to tie your hair up or even wash your hair with these! We have to admit though, the gems and the lilac shade are totally working for us!