My FAV Drugstore Foundation To Date


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The struggle is real when it comes to finding your perfect foundation bae! Not only are you trying to find your unique shade, the ideal coverage for your complexion, a formula that won’t break you out, but one that will last you through every moment of your hectic day without looking cakey – mission impossible? Oh, and add to that you also don’t want to spend a fortune, because let’s be real, we have an arm’s length list of beauty products we also need to shop for! This is especially important because with every new season, my skincare and foundation routine changes to adapt to whatever the climate throws at me.

During the summer months, I prefer to wear a lightweight foundation formula, and my long-term FAV has to be Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation – it costs $8, or less depending on the store. Maybelline has just expanded the range with a new matte formula to suit more skin tones, and it’s perfect for controlling oily skin, especially during the summer months.

I absolutely LOVE the original Dewy and Smooth formula for summer (I use shade 220). It’s one of those foundations I reach for when I’m having a ‘good skin day’ because it gives THE most gorgeous natural finish. If you love a no makeup-makeup look, then you’ll adore this. It can easily be built for concentrated coverage, and it has a glowy, dewy finish. Because it’s summer (or if you have oily skin), I recommend setting this with a dusting of translucent powder. My tip is to use a damp beautyblender to gently bounce loose powder onto your skin; it gives seamless coverage that isn’t heavy or cakey – just tap off the extra powder before application, as makeup sponges pick up a ton of product. (And make sure your beauty blender is clean! See why here). Finally, the only issue with the Dewy and Smooth range is they only offer 16 shades, and only two of those are tailored for deeper skin tones.

The newest addition, Matte and Poreless, is a much more full-coverage foundation, which is great for immediate coverage that can be effortlessly applied. This is also a good option if you have oily skin or acne, as it’s an oil-free formula which has micro-powders that absorb oil and help to blur pores. I’m also super impressed with the new matte formula, which offers 32 shades and a really good selection of colors for all skin tones.