Tanning Waters Are The Best New Way To Fake A Glow


Having bronzed glowing skin is basically our quick ticket to feelin’ ourselves – anyone else? The only thing is, a good tan often comes at a price – it’s either orange palms, stained bed sheets or a patchy tan, not to mention the smell! That is until a new formula hit the market that promised none of the above… Say hey to tanning waters. But we were still cautious, could a self-tan that wouldn’t stain clothes, bedsheets, and palms truly exist? Apparently so! We spoke to tanning king, Jules Von Hep, a global celebrity spray tan artist, who’s most likely the man behind almost all of your envied celeb tans, to get the DL. He recently created his very own line of self-tans, The Isle of Paradise, and of course, it includes some very unique tanning waters. We asked Jules all our burning questions on tanning waters…

What makes tanning water different to a mousse, spray or cream self-tanner?

Tanning waters are the most hydrating tan for your skin – they’re quite literally H20 GLOW. Isle of Paradise tanning waters aren’t formulated with a guide color – meaning the mess factor is eradicated, no stained sheets, no stained bathroom tiles, no tan stuck in hairlines or blocked pores.

How do you use tanning water?

When it comes to application, the best way to think of applying the water is like an SPF spray at the beach. Spray the skin liberally and rub in using your palms (or a tan applicator mitt).

What’s the benefit of using a tanning water formula compared to other types of self-tan?

Tanning waters are pretty much idiot proof – spray on, rub in, glow forth, babe. What many don’t know is that keeping a tanning water in the fridge is a really refreshing way of applying your self-tan.

What’s your biggest tanning hack?

I like to use Isle of Paradise Self Tan Water to set my makeup with, that way when I cleanse at the end of the day my face is tanned and glowy when I wash my make up off. Our faces fade much quicker than the rest of your body, and by using a water, you can spray your face on alternate days for your glow up-keep.

Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water

Well, that just cemented our hope in tanning waters as being our new go-to glow. So naturally, we tried Jules’ new Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Waters, $28, and we have to say, we were impressed! What we love about these is that this isn’t a one-tan-fits-all kinda range, there are actually three options: Peach (light) for fairer skin tones that want a healthy, natural glow, Green (medium) formulated with a complex to reduce redness and calm the skin, and Violet (dark) to minimize orange/yellow and ash tones. The result? These went on like a dream and gave us a natural glowy tan that looked gorgeous, not fake! The best thing is, we could get into bed or get dressed almost immediately, without having to worry about ruining our clothes!

Jules also suggests to stay away from ‘overly fragranced moisturizers’ when you’re protecting your hands, feet, and any dry areas, so the tan doesn’t ‘stick’ to the fragrance. Oh, and if 100% vegan, cruelty-free and organic is your thing, then this collection is for you – it’s formulated with organic tanning actives and natural organic ingredients like avocado, chia seeds, coconut oils – and yes, it smells delicious too, and not in a weird biscuit way! Finally, if you find self-tanning a bit of a chore, then extending the longevity of your tan makes it so much more worthwhile. For a vacay glow that lasts, we’re seriously shook with the results of the Isle of Paradise’s Self Prep-It Self Tan Priming Spray, $22, which really does help to make your self-tan glow last a good few extra days.

Check out all the Isle of Paradise inspo on their Instagram page; it really is a happy place to scroll! And remember, a gorgeous glow is all in the prep, so check out our guide to prepping your skin like a pro here. Let us know if you’ve tried tanning waters or now plan to, in the comments below.