THE Most Magical Airbrush Apps For Flawless Selfies


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Let’s face it, we all want to look like the hottest versions of ourselves! We’re surrounded by airbrushed magazine covers and adverts, and reflecting on your filterless selfie is sometimes a bit of an anticlimax. Why shouldn’t we all get to look as incredible as the celebs do? I mean thank the app gods for Snapchat filters, but sometimes that annoying spot or terrible lighting just doesn’t do our flawless selves justice. So, here’s our rundown of the top apps to get you front-cover ready, so when you don’t have an extra five minutes to get your brows to their normal fleeky standard, these apps will help you fake it – no Photoshop course necessary!

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

4.8* – 10 Million Downloads – FREE
It doesn’t get much easier than this app. You can target acne or let the app magically do it for you, brighten eyes and whiten teeth, give yourself a tan, manipulate your features to be bigger or smaller, snatch that waist, or smooth your skin. It even has makeup filters, with a ton of options that even fill your brows, add lipstick, or fake a smoky eye. You’re welcome!

Snow: Selfie, Motion sticker

4.2* – 50 Million Downloads – FREE
Our new favorite app! With the rise of Instagram stories, Snapchat is majorly upping their game with cute filters, but in Korea, they’ve been using Snow to fulfill their filter cravings. It has thousands of crazy filters, plus it’s like a real-time Photoshop for normal selfies too. Be warned, this app may lead to severe procrastination.


4.4* – One Million Downloads – £3.99
Similar to Airbrush, the options for complexion perfection with Facetune are endless. It’s super easy to use and will literally take you two minutes to achieve what a good hour on Photoshop can do! Check it out in action:

Remember, you’re perfect just the way you are, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help for when the camera isn’t reflecting your natural, gorgeous self! Oh, and if you need a little 101 on posing, I’ve got you covered with my How to Master Selfie Poses video. Let me know what you guys like to use to edit your images, or what you think about airbrushing.