The One Thing You Never Knew About Every Beauty Product You Own

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When it comes to our beauty products, sometimes we go on the recommendation of our friends, and sometimes we spend hours deliberating over which translucent setting powder will actually soak up all our oil – you know how it is! And even though we have hundreds of beauty products that we love, chances are we didn’t really check out the ingredients – except, of course, to see if our FAV setting powder had silica in it (V.important information). The thing is, there’s a ton of useful signs on the back of our beauty products, and we don’t even know it. The biggest offender? This cheeky little sign:

what does this beauty product symbol mean

Now, some of you might be feeling quite smug, and you may already know what this tiny symbol means. But, for those of you that don’t (admittedly half of the HB office, who presumed it was something to do with ml), this little jar with a floating lid actually signals how long you can use your product for, once you’ve opened it… I know right, mind blown! So, if it reads 12M that means you’ve got a whole year to enjoy your product – usually lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, and foundation will be anywhere in this expiration region, or perhaps even up to 24M. Skincare products with active ingredients could be anywhere from 3M to 6M – so now you know, it’s really worth checking. Especially if like the HB team, you’re prone to hauling beauty products.