The Top 10 Skincare Secrets we learnt from Dr Doris Day!



So if you guys watched the video on my YouTube, then I’m sure you were just as blown away as I was by world-renowned skin dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. I was extremely honored to have her in our studio (ahem…we might be a little obsessed with how cool she is) and due to all your amazing feedback about the video, we decided to put together the Top 10 Things we learnt from Dr Doris Day. Trust me, your skincare routine will never be the same again!!

1. Adult acne is different from teenage acne. It is usually triggered by an imbalance of hormones and it often starts after your teenage years, sometimes in your mid 20’s to 30’s. It appears as cysts and pimples along the jawline, chin and lower face. This kind of acne is difficult to control without careful guidance from your dermatologist and can often lead to scarring. Teen acne is more visible over the entire face. Both adult and teen acne can occur on the back, chest and shoulders.
2. Cleansing your skin is REALLY important! Dr. Doris recommends that you do this daily and suggests that cleansing brushes are a better option than simply using your hands or a washcloth.
3. Your skin has its own personal bouncer or immune cells to protect it and is constantly regenerating itself to protect you from infection and aging. New skin cells take about 7 days to grow and fully regenerate or turn over every 30 days or so. If this process doesn’t work properly due to acne or dry or sun damaged skin, your skin will look dull, uneven in tone and ultimately wrinkled over time.
4. The sun makes your oil glands over-grow which makes your pores bigger and can ultimately make acne worse. YIKES!
5. Botox and Fillers are excellent tools to help you look your best and stay looking beautiful as you age, however it’s important to see an aesthetic physician who will make sure you look like the best version of yourself without looking unnatural. Botox is a very safe and reliable treatment for rejuvenation when used properly and in the right areas. In order to look as natural as possible, do not try to eliminate all your lines and wrinkles in your face. The goal is to re-train muscles so you can move and always look beautiful.
6. Don’t try new skin care products or treatments right before an important event. Stick to what you are used to and what you know works well for your skin. Keep your skin fresh: exfoliate, moisturize, apply a mask, drink water, listen to calm music, think positive thoughts and rest well. Changing your skincare routine can risk you getting a breakout or irritation especially when you have the stress of an upcoming event.
7. Eat all your meals within a 12 hour window, for example 9am-9pm. This will help balance your circadian rhythm which controls genes that affect metabolism and will help you lose weight.
8. It’s okay to use a moisturizer or foundation which has SPF as your sunscreen, however the key is to use enough and to reapply it every two hours if you’re outdoors. If you don’t want to keep reapplying over makeup, look for a powder SPF for the re-application during the day.
9. Your skin repairs while you sleep and it also loses more water at night than during the day so the best thing you can do for your skin at night is to apply a good layer of moisturizer and antioxidants, and gently pat or massage it into your skin, always applying pressure upwards your head.
10. Both UVB and UVA rays can damage your skin and UVA rays can even penetrate through window glass (even tinted ones!), unless they are specifically UV protected, and are a contributing factor towards skin sagging and aging.