The Ultimate Hack for Super Soft Lips


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Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan is here and so is summer, and we’re all super excited! It’s a time when you go on a spiritual cleanse and try to be the best version of yourself: that means being kind, patient, and humble while also evaluating what’s most important in life and helping people as much as you can. But it’s also a challenge for Muslims because you can’t drink or eat from sunrise to sunset, (or say bad words)! And it’s not just our stomachs that fasting effects, the lack of hydration through the day definitely has a tremendous impact on our skin too, and although it’s the largest organ, it’s actually one of the last things that gets the hydration it needs. So, during Ramadan, it can be really hard to achieve that beautiful supple, glowy and hydrated look… But fortunately, there are SO many ways you can cheat it!

One of the first places dehydration shows is on your lips, and not only is chapped and cracking lips uncomfortable, but it’s also not very attractive… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t look your best during this period! Here’s what I like to do to keep my lips soft and hydrated during Ramadan:

DIY Honey Mask:

One of my favorite ways to keep my lips soft and supple during Ramadan is a honey mask. It’s super easy, just slather your lips in honey every night before you go to bed, and just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before removing it. Honestly, this works wonders!

Lanolin Products:

During the day, a good lip balm is an essential. I’ve always found products with Lanolin in to have THE most amazing moisturizing properties, and it’s actually because it’s a completely natural ingredient that comes from sheep’s fleeces. My favorite pure lanolin lip balms to date have to be Lanolips (which literally lasts allll day) and Dr. Lipp. Carmex is also a brilliant and contains lanolin, beeswax, shea butter, Menthol, and Aloe, which all work together to really soothe your lips.

DIY Balm

Take your lanolin lip balm (or another lip balm) and whip it up in a mini container with a couple of drops of rose oil. This is totally optional, but rose oil has the most amazing hydrating effects.

Be sure to drink as much water as you can in the evenings so your body can catch up on the hydration it needs.