This 10-Minute Daily Habit Will Make You SO Much Happier



This 10-minute daily ritual will help you de-stress, make you more efficient, and can even help you become a more creative person. And no, we’re not being dramatic, it can be that life-changing, so hear us out…

Today, we’re talking about the benefits of journaling. Yup, we’re referring to the cathartic ritual of putting pen to paper and writing down anything from your to-do list for the next day to your goals, dreams or daily gratitude list.

Life coach, global writer and speaker, Kira Jean, reminded us recently how important it is to journal each day to help clarify your thoughts, practice gratitude, and help you visualize your goals. Here are her top tips on how to journal and how it can help feel happier and more positive.

What is journaling, how does it help?

“Journaling is a practice that can be used in different ways to increase mental and emotional clarity and fuel creativity. It can be used to reflect on your day and clear your thoughts, or it can be used to dream, create, and explore ideas and experiences.”

What should you write about?

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“The wonderful thing about journaling is that you can write about anything! It can be a safe place – you can write about what’s bothering you or write down your wildest dreams. The writing itself is a cathartic activity, particularly when you write by hand.”

How do you get into journaling and how often should you do it?

“I recommend doing Morning Pages. This is a practice coined by Julia Cameron, and it is a practice that has served many of my clients, both writers and coaching clients. The important thing to remember is there is no wrong way to do it. Yes, there are effective ways to journal, but this develops with time and the most effective method for a person may be different to another. To practice Morning Pages, set aside time each morning to write three pages. The important thing is to write down whatever comes to your mind – it is not a practice in writing effectively or poetically. It is simply a way to clear your mind in the morning and generate mental space for more clarity and creativity.”

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Kira’s top tips for journaling:

  • Buy yourself a new journal and a beautiful pen to start afresh.
  • Set time aside in the morning for your journaling practice. It can be tough to squeeze it in, but doing the practice in the morning will set you up for a great day ahead.
  • Begin the practice without worrying about what to write. Start with writing one to two pages with whatever comes to your mind, even if it sounds like complete nonsense!
  • After you have completed the ‘brain dump’ in the step above, write down three things you are grateful for, three things you want to allow into your life, and three things you choose to let go of.

We started journaling this year, and although it definitely isn’t as pretty as these versions below, we love it. It feels almost a little indulgent. It’s a time when you get to plan your day ahead or reflect on what has happened during the day, or write down what’s bothering you. Think about it like the friend you can tell everything to – it’s unbelievably liberating! It also only needs to take as much time as you have. Whether we spend a quick two minutes ‘brain dumping’ in the morning or 10 minutes pondering the day’s events when we get into bed; it really is one of the best things we’ve done this year.

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If you need some inspo, check out these three journaling Instagrams. Your journal may not be as neat, tidy, or Insta-worthy as these examples (ours definitely isn’t) but it may inspire you and give you some cute ideas. We bought stickers, and that’s all the motivation we needed!

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This journaling account is pretty much like a perfectly curated Pinterest board.

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We love all of the adorable illustrations and beautiful watercolors used throughout this journal. Plus, it seriously inspires us to be more creative and add a splash of color.

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This reminds us just how helpful it is to make lists! The satisfaction you get when you cross off a task is also really motivating.

Let us know if you guys like to journal in the comments below.