This Product Will Cure Your Body Acne


Bioderma body wash bacne cureIf you have bacne or chestne, you’ll know how annoying it is when you want to look cute in an off-the-shoulder top, but you have loads of marks throwing off your glow! It’s frustrating as hell because unlike pimples on your face, you can’t smother them in #FauxFilter Foundation to hide them! This past year, I have finally found the ultimate acne-ridding treatment for blemishes on my body (and my entire family’s), with the most ahhhhmazing body wash by Bioderma. It’s a brand I really trust and one that I associate with really good-for-your-skin, gentle cleansing – I’m obsessed with their micellar water.

I got their Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel in a press kit and didn’t really use it, until one day I randomly tried it when I was cleaning my makeup brushes. I couldn’t believe how soft it made them, while it got rid of every last bit of makeup and smelt great, I was so impressed I decided to try it on my body.

What it is: A hypoallergenic, soap-free shower gel that is paraben-free with no artificial colors.

What it does: It respects your skin’s natural PH balance and moisturizes tight, dry skin leaving it super soft.

What I liked: Firstly, I was shocked at how quickly it cleared up acne when my husband and I started using it – I totally wasn’t expecting it, as it doesn’t claim to be a blemish-blasting body wash. Chris works out and sweats a crazy amount, and because he’s not always able to shower immediately afterward, he gets really bad bacne. I had previously tried loads of things to get rid of his bacne, but I’d never found a body wash that worked like this. He still gets a few pimples on his chest occasionally, but his bacne has completely vanished. Even my daughter, who gets eczema, uses this and it’s super hydrating for her skin. I also love the fragrance and the fact that it lathers up so nicely, so it’s not like your standard clinical product or difficult to use.

My tip for bacne: Always wash your body after you’ve rinsed out your conditioner. I know it’s easier to save time and wash while your conditioner is in, but the residue left behind by your conditioner can actually aggravate your skin and cause pimples, so it’s better to wash your body after. Try to wear clean Ts, shirts, and tops, to stop any bacteria from spreading.

The verdict: I honestly think this is the best body wash I’ve ever used. It’s made a huge difference to my skin and my husband’s, and the fact that it’s like a ‘family-friendly’ body wash just makes it super convenient to have at home. It’s pricier than a regular body wash (I purchase it in the liter versions so it’s much better value), but for the results, it’s SO worth it. Try it, and you won’t regret it!

Price: $20 (1 liter, which lasts months!)