We Put Our #Fauxfilter Foundation To The Test


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This foundation is all about making everyone the most confident version of themselves. It’s super full-coverage, so it’ll conceal everything from scars and acne to pigmentation, dark circles, and even tattoos. No matter what your skin concern, we packed #FauxFilter with skin-perfecting pigments that would blur everything, giving a flawless skin-like finish – so it’s you, just your most gorgeous version. We put it to the test on everything from tattoo sleeves to legs, and of course, faces!

On the body:

For special occasions, if you want your legs to look like you’ve just come off the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, then they will with #FauxFilter. The transfer-proof formula can be mixed with a cream or liquid highlighter to give your skin a completely flawless, luminous glow.

On the face:

With 30 flavors, you can find your ideal shade to complement your skin. Using the Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base first and just one pump of #FauxFilter foundation with the Buff & Blend brush, you’ll get amazing coverage that dries to a radiant-matte, powder finish.

On Tattoos:

Not that you’re likely to ever want to cover your body art, but in case you ever needed to, the option’s there. By stippling the product onto your skin with a brush or your fingers, you can get more coverage to conceal almost anything.

Under Water:

Water is no match for our foundation; #FauxFilter is water-resistant.

Want to try the #FauxFilter Foundation? We’ve got 30 gorgeous flavors! Check out our ultimate shade comparison guide here to find your match.