This Oil Will Cure All Your Beauty Problems!


grapeseed oilSource: AmyLv/ Shutterstock

Grapeseed Oil is one of those miracle oils that works with pretty much any skin type. A-List bombshells Megan Fox and Emma Stone even claim it’s the reason behind their Hollywood glow. The oil is a byproduct of winemaking and it’s made using the leftover nutrient-rich seeds, which are then pressed and made into an oil. Although the seeds may be small, they’re full of beauty enhancing properties, like antioxidants and vitamins, which help fight signs of premature aging, diminish acne scars, and boost hair growth. Here’s how we like to incorporate the oil into our daily routine and why it works so well:

For your Skin:

Grapeseed oil has the ability to penetrate your skin and hydrate your dermal layers at a deep level, thanks to its small molecular structure. It’s also lightweight, so it hydrates without leaving a greasy feeling. It’s packed with antioxidants that will help restore your skin’s natural pH level, giving you a more even tone and even helping fade any dark undereye circles.  Just apply two drops onto your palms, warm the oil with your fingers, and then gently massage it onto your face.

For Mature Skin: Grapeseed oil is perfect for aging skin as it’s rich in Vitamin E and OPC, a compound that fights aging free radicals while promoting the production of collagen. It’ll also improve the elasticity of your skin making it look firm and giving it a more youthful appearance. For a top-up throughout the day, we like to put it in our favorite facial mist; made up of equal measures of Rosewater and Aloe Vera water, and then topped off with three drops of Grapeseed oil.

For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin: Don’t be scared of using an oil if you have oily or acne-prone skin, especially Grapeseed as it’s lightweight and will instantly moisturize any dry areas (it’s possible to have dehydrated yet oily skin). Simply apply a small amount at night and cleanse thoroughly in the morning. It’ll also combat any shine and prevent breakouts, as the oil will mix with any sebum or impurities on the surface of your skin, and then be removed when you wash your face with warm water. It’s also full of vitamin C, a natural brightener, which will help boost skincell turnover and reduce any scarring.

For your Hair

Grapeseed oil is amazing for your hair as the Omega 3 content will replenish your hair follicles and the vitamin E will help build new hair tissue. It also contains linoleic acid, which promotes hair growth and prevents breakage, leaving your hair looking thick and lustrous. Before you wash your hair, massage a teaspoon of Grapeseed oil into your scalp to boost blood circulation and encourage new hair cells to form while getting rid of any dandruff.

For your Health

The only time you need to be a little more reserved when using Grapeseed Oil is when you’re cooking as you shouldn’t consume more than 2 tablespoons of oil a day. Although, it’s definitely a healthier oil to cook with as it doesn’t contain any trans fat (the type of fat found in junk food) and has a high smoke point, which is when your oil oxidizes and becomes toxic. One teaspoon contains your recommended daily intake of vitamin E, helping you boost your immune system as it enhances the production of antibodies that get rid of any toxins or bacteria.

Just be careful when you’re buying Grapeseed Oil as often the commercial oils are processed using chemical solvent’s so we would recommend using an organic Grapeseed Oil, $9.99. (For our guide on buying organic beauty read this).

Let us know your favorite way of incorporating Grapeseed oil into your beauty regime in the comments below!