Why This New Eyeliner Has Replaced My Kat Von D Liner


the quick flick eyeliner stamp

A few weeks ago we got the most amazing package from a brand called The Quick Flick! If you’re into your eyeliner but struggle with perfecting your wing (we all do sometimes), then this product will literally be your dream. It’s a double-ended eyeliner that comes with a cat flick stamp on one end (loaded with ink) and a fine liner on the other. It basically makes achieving the perfect cat-eye easy for anyone. We’ve seen similar tools before, last year we reviewed the Vamp Stamp, which we liked, but unlike this, it didn’t come loaded with ink.

It’s not just how easy to use it is either, the actual liner works SO well, like we’re talking Kat Von D Tattoo Liner good (our holy grail liner), plus the ink stays in place all day and doesn’t budge. We’re seriously obsessed!

Shop The Quick Flick, $28, here.