By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as people tend to believe beauty is inherited in our genes, I believe it is a lot more than that! To me beauty has always been a lifestyle and state of mind! If you were given the best most beautiful genes in the world and neglected yourself completely and had a nasty attitude, you would more than likely not be seen as attractive! So when models are passing out beauty tips, I’m always quick to grab them! Especially when the models are in their 40’s and still look amazing! Elle Macpherson’s is a model that I think has aged so beautifully and if you thought it was all in her genes, she’s here to tell you she had a little help from these super easy tips!

Elle’s Beauty Tips!

I eat organic, locally sourced food wherever possible. I don’t like to have chemicals in my body at all, so I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, not even Aspirin.

Actually most of the most beautiful women in the world don’t drink or smoke! Sure the health hazards are enough of a reason, but it has such a terrible effect on your outsides too!

The most important thing for me is scrub. I have a scrubbing mitt and I buff my whole body and face everyday twice a day, in the shower in the morning and bath at night. And then moisturise; the texture of skin is really important.

I can’t express the importance of scrubbing and dry brushing enough! It is sooo important for circulation and also drainage of any lymphatic fluids! It also helps keep your blood circulating, which means it works as an anti-aging unit!

If you don’t drink lots of water there’s no point. I challenge any woman to drink 3 litres water everyday for a month and sleep for seven hours a night, that she won’t lose weight, look better and feel better.

Water seems to be the model obsession! it’s sooo important not only for health, but keeping your skin’s elasticity in place and also keeping hydrated!