By Huda Heidi Kattan

How important is sleep? Let’s be honest, most of us don’t get as much beauty rest as we could! I personally am the WORST! First of all, I’ve never been a sleeper! I remember getting in trouble in grade school for literally never taking naps! Now, after years of depriving my body of the sleep it needs, I understand why they call it “beauty sleep”. I’m tired and my face honestly is starting to show it! I have dark circles, which I never had before, my skin wrinkle more easily and believe it or not, losing weight is more of a challenge for me now! Lately I have been trying to get more sleep, but it has been tough! I just wanted to share with you guys, why sleeping is soooo crucial for a beautiful face and body!

  1. Sleeping Affects Your Skin! I know this is an obvious, but people who don’t get their full dose of vitamin Z tend to have lackluster skin! When we say no to sleep we are also saying no to gorgeous skin! Our collagen levels deplete and our skin tends to scar, wrinkle, and droop far more easily.
  2. Your Eyes Show it! Eyes are such a beautiful feature and as corny as it may sound, the windows to our soul. Whether or not we believe the saying, they definitely do say a lot about our health and sleeping patterns. If you don’t sleep, your eyes will look tired! No makeup will be able to cover it up! Trust me, I know first handed! Your eyes will become red, tired, puffy, wrinkled, droopy (around the edges) and yup, you guessed dark circles will be your newest beauty dilemma. Take it from me, they suck!
  3. Increases Sensitivity! Aside from the obvious immune system drops, your body becomes very susceptible to inflammation when you cut out hours of sleep! This might not seem like a big deal, but this could mean increased likeliness to breakouts, eczema, and other skin disorders! It also makes healing (from things like a sunburn), much harder to do!
  4. Your Body Will Suffer! I know you might know this already, BUT your body suffers a great deal from lack of sleep! How? What I didn’t realize was how much your posture begins to suffer! I always felt proud of my great posture, and I have noticed over the years, it slowly deteriorating! When people don’t get enough sleep, your body tends to become more tired and poor posture becomes a direct result of that! Bad posture not only causes back issues down the line, but also makes you look older and fatter (BOOOO!!).
  5. You Will Gain Weight! Ok, maybe I should say it is harder to lose weight when you don’t get enough sleep, but they are kind of the same! Lack of sleep is a form of stress for your body and our body produces steroids cope with that stress. Those steroids lead to a number of issues, but also make it hard to lose weight and also increase the levels at which our hair tends to fall. Yikes!