By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you’ve been following all my recent posts, then you know sleep is something of a distant memory to me! I think all mommy’s can relate (first 3 months are TOUGH!). So as much as I haven’t had the chance to focus on myself right now, keeping my eyes de-puffed makes a huge difference in keeping me at least partially looking alive! Actually, I was so impressed with how much changing a couple of steps in my routine made me look so much more awake the next day that I of course HAD to share:) If you suffer from tired-looking-puffy-eyes, try this for instant relief!

Huda’s Tips for a Quick De-Puff!

Skip the Salt – If you’re like me, then you looove flavor and part of that means increasing the sodium! But the truth is, sodium is soooo bad for beauty, not to mention your health! It helps retain water, keeps your looking puffy, and also causes acne-booooo! Make sure you increase your water to make sure you reduce sodium in your body and also help cleanse your system of any toxins!

Treat with Tea – Tea is awesome because it acts like a natural astringent and helps reduce puffiness almost instantly. I typically use green tea bags and soak them in a little water, then I squeeze most of the excess and place them in the fridge over night! In the morning, I simply place them over my eyes for 20-30 minutes and let them work their magic!

Keep Your Head Up – Make sure you remember to keep your head elevated so that your face drains the lymphatic fluids that tend to gather around your eyes. Not only do these cause puffy eyes, but also dark circles! Simply elevating your pillow while you sleep can help reduce this effect dramatically!