By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day I got a question on my facebook page asking about acne and I thought it was really intersting, so I thought I would post it here:

hi huda how r u wish ur feeling gr8 2 day i really like all of ur tutorials and ur blog
I turned to u because i’m having a huge problem with my skin i have bought the clinique anti blemish control 3 step program a month ago and i’m using it once or twice everyday and it’s suppose to stop the breakouts but in my case it’s getting way worse i started to have a huge really painful acnes (not in large numbers i would have like two huge pimples per week )but every time an acne heals another huge one comes out and the old ones leaves a scar i don’t know if this normal but it’s really bothering me i spent almost 200$ on the full collection and it’s not giving me any result :((
Do u think that there will be any change if i kept using it or i should just stop using and try other stuff???
Pllllllllz hlp me i’m hopeless 🙁

My heart breaks for you darling because I have been there and it sucks, royally! The most important thing to do when you are faced with intense breakouts of any kind is to relax! DO NOT overreact! Our initial reaction when we see one zit to maybe touch it, possibly even squeeze it, but when we see more than one zit, maybe two or three, we start to freak out and then we go into overload with trying to treat and rid the acne.

It’s important to RELAX! When you over react, your skin does too. When you start to over dry your skin (trying to dry the acne), your skin produces more sebum and therefore, MORE breakouts! Boooo! As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, your skin starts to break out even more, making it hard to leave the house!

Personally, I used the entire Clinique line and it made my skin worse as well! However, I can’t live without the #2 toner, it keeps my skin super clear! As for the rest of the products, you might want to try something more mild, for instance the Philsophy Purity Face Wash is super gentle! Also, definitely switch to a natural moisturizer like Korres Yogurt Moisturizer. Make sure whatever you do, you don’t over do it!

In the mean time, try to stay calm and try these at home remedies! I recommend using the at home chamomile treatment and when your skin looks like it has heeled a bit, try using the dermaroller!

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