By Huda Heidi Kattan

I cannot begin to explain how much my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from severe acne. I used to have very bad breakouts and I now have it under control using natural skin products–to everyone who sent me emails saying their skin has improved following parts of my skincare routine, I am beyond happy for you! Even after you do get your skin under control, you could still be left with scars, reminding you of the not-so-good-times for your skin.

Just when you thought you were out of luck, I’m here to tell you, it is sooo possible to get rid of all those little stinkers! Here are some great ways to remove scarring caussed from acne, eczema, etc.

Ways to fight scarring:

  1. Get a minipeel or microdermobrasion treatment. This will help improve blood flow and remove dead skin cells, which will increase cell renewal.
  2. Moisturize scars with bio-oil, which is great for keeping scars from becoming permenant and allows for easier healing.
  3. Use a Vitamin C serum. This helps brighten up any scars and improves the rate at which they heal. It also makes your skin firm and bright. I use Ole Henrikson Truth Serum, available in US and Europe. Kiehl’s has a great one as well that is strong in Acai Berry.
  4. Use Retin A every night. Retin A actually promotes skin renewal so well, it’s considered one of the best beauty secrets. Go for a low dosage, like .25, using a stronger one can cause eccesive pealing. Available at pharmacies everywhere.
  5. Use SPF, going in the sun will only hinder scars from healing and may cause them to become dark. I use Bioderm, SPF 100 available from Boots pharmacy.

image courtesy of kaylysbeauty