By Huda Heidi Kattan

Traveling can be extremely hard on your skin and hair, especially with regards to staying hydrated!  I can’t believe how dry my skin gets while I travel! Normal levels of healthy skin and hair need at least 40% of water in the hair, while airplanes have around 7-9%, which explains the need for moisture! This time I prepared myself and I have to say, I came out with my hair looking shiny and my skin looking fresh! Next time you travel, follow these super easy tips on staying airplane beautiful!


  • Indulge in some H20! It starts from the inside! Three days before your trip, make sure you start with prepping your body! Try to drink at least 10 cups a day over the next three days and while you’re on the plane make sure you drink at least the recommended dose of water (1 cup per hour traveled), I like to double it!
  • Pack Accordingly! It’s important to make sure you pack the right things, this way you have exactly what you need when your skin starts to feel tight! Make a checklist and make sure to include: Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Eye Drops, Avian Mist, Eye Cream. I also like to include some moist towelettes, and makeup remover wipes! This way I can keep my hands clean and I can freshen my makeup before landing.
  • Love Your Tresses! Needless to say, the lack of moisture in the hair can make your hair and scalp extremely dry and even irritate it! The last thing you want when you see your loved one after a long flight is flaky scalp or dull hair! Before you travel, try to keep the heat to a minimum! I often let my hair air dry almost completely, then blow dry and style. I then load my hair with serum, like more than necessary amounts (I don’t put too much on my roots, I focus on the ends)! This will help keep your hair nourished during the flight and avoid making your hair dry or brittle (dry hair is extremely susceptible to damage)!