By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day, I was at a spa and they asked me if I wanted to be dry brushed. To be honest, it didn’t sound appealing, but being the curious beauty person I am, I thought I should try it. WOW! Changed my life! I do this now on a regular basis before I shower! What is dry brushing? It’s a method where you use a natural bristled brush and brush your body (not too hard, it shouldn’t hurt!) upwards toward your heart in long strokes. The benefits are incredible! First, your skin really starts to glow after doing this for about a week! It rids your body of any dead skin cells, but also helps improve circulation and the lymphatic system, which means it prevents cellulite and also works as a detox! AMAZING! Do this every day before you shower and love the difference!

Natural Bristled Brushes are available at most spas, salons and organic food stores.



image credits handmadebodycare