By Huda Heidi Kattan

Has anyone ever tried those pore strips? You know, the ones that you wet, let sit on your nose for 10 minutes, then peel off. The dirt that comes out of our skin can be appalling, but for some reason, most of us like to look at the strip for about 3 minutes before tossing it in the trash. If you love using pore strips or need help with blackheads, then this recipe for at home pores strips will be your new favorite, and as always it’s super easy!


  1. In a bowl, mix 1 1/2 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin, mixture will be chunky
  2. Heat up mixture in microwave for about 10 seconds on high, until mixture is smooth and slightly melted, mix again
  3. Test solution to see if hot, if the mixture feels fine, using a paintbrush, apply mixture to nose and let set for 20-25 minutes (rinse brush immediately)
  4. Make sure solution is hard, then peel off starting from ends to center
  5. Follow by using toner or witch hazel as pores will be open

source helium, image credits thebeautybrains