By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, you guys SERIOUSLY need to try this! I recently did a post on how to stay hydrated during Ramadan and I recommended coconut water as a great way to hydrate. I started getting questions about the benefits and let me tell you, THIS IS A BEAUTY DRINK! Not only is this beauty drink low in carbs and sugar, completely organic, and is essentially fat free. It also helps boost your metabolism, which helps you shed pounds and regulates your body temperature making it great for hot climates. It’s no wonder it’s become the new “it” drink in Hollywood, with celebs like Madonna, Rihanna, Demi Moore, Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Cavallari, Anna Lynn McCord, ok you get the picture!  It would actually be easier to name the celebs that don’t drink it!

Check out the rest of the beauty effects of this miracle drink, and have a cup or two!


  • Improves the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • Increases your metabolism and encourages weight loss
  • Boost the strength of your immune system and helps body fight against some of the most severe viruses
  • Is a great detox and helps keep your digestive tract and kidneys healthy
  • Keeps diabetes under control
  • Keeps your body’s PH balance regulated
  • Helps reduce the risk of cancer
  • Improves circulation, which helps fights cellulite

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image credits sott, coconutresearchcenter