By Huda Heidi Kattan

How beautiful are you from the inside?! I honestly believe what we put inside our bodies and how happy we are really defines how beautiful we are on the outside! I think the more we eat bad foods, smoke, drink alcohol and pout, the less we look the way we really want to–super gorgeous! So if being beautiful starts from within, cleansing is a huge part of keeping us gorgeous inside out!

A great beauty food that is SOOOOO good for you and we all MUST start to eat right away is figs. Figs are so good at cleansing our systems and revealing radiant skin! They are also great at helping us maintain our body weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, help reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer, is super high in antioxidants, and contains high amounts of B6, Calcium, and Iron, which means it helps keep us beautiful and healthy!

Adding just a handful of figs, dry or fresh can tremendously help you become more gorgeous inside out!