By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Hoda,
first I wanna tell you your blog is amazing,, it’s almost sometimes like you know what am thinking and you write about it. I know you get lots of emails but plz just answer me one question,, am in my mid 20s and my lips looks like they are getting smaller is this possible or am getting crazy??? Plz answer Hoda I love you and your wonderful blog

Hi darling, you’re so cute! WELLL, there’s no fun way to put this, but YES as we get older our lips and face will naturally lose volume and look less plump all over! By the time you are in your 40’s you will notice a HUGE difference with less volume and wrinkles being more prominent! Boooooo, that sucks, BUT there are a ton of things you can do to help it! Taking vitamins like Carnitine are actually great to help keep volume in your entire face! I always recommend taking them as soon as you enter your 20’s to help reduce facial sagging and loss of overall plumpness. Of course keeping your lips hydrating is the BEST thing you can do! If you’re lips are constantly dry they will start to look smaller and smaller over time! I love using super hydrating lip balms but also mix them with at home lip treatments, like honey!

What I like to do every night is actually use the Lush Lip Scrub and then I follow with a lip balm, when I wake up my lips are much more plump than they were before. Of course, this won’t make them HUGE, it will just help slow down the aging process and help keep them full! Check out my video before of how to fake a lip job! It really works! 🙂 Hope this helps my darling!!! Xxxx