By Huda Heidi Kattan

We all know what you put on your skin is super important to keep yourself looking young and gorgeous, after all we only have one skin! But what we put into our bodies can be just as important in determining how old we look on the outside! I’ve said this before, no matter how great you are at putting makeup on, if you are not healthy (and happy), you just won’t look as glamorous as someone who is extremely healthy wearing no makeup! I know you guys have seen it–gorgeous makeup + unhealthy girl = not pretty! Trust me, I’ve been there! Which is why eating healthy is imperative to women and men who really want to maintain their youth!

My hubby is impossible! No matter how much I try to tell him he needs to keep his skin hydrated, he just will NOT let me put any creams on his face! Sooo I was able to change his diet and WOW, what a difference! A few things I did was up his berry intake, get him drinking cleansing tea almost every day and eating oatmeal (which he loved, so that was easy, I just kept telling him how healthy it was). Oatmeal is UNBELIEVABLY healthy and if you love beauty, you MUST keep it stocked! It’s a beauty staple! Not only does it make some of the best at home face scrubs and body soaks, but it helps keep you beautiful inside out!  It’s high in iron, fiber,  phosphorous, manganese, calcium, silicon and vitamins B and E. All of these ingredients help keep your skin looking and feeling great! Silicon is great for your skin’s collagen levels—my favorite part!! Also keep in mind, oats are one of the best way to reduce cholesterol, so on a different note, try to get your parents on it asap!! To your beauty AND health!!

image credits healthpapa