By Huda Heidi Kattan

It might sound funny, but some of the healthiest eaters I know are sadly really over weight! Sometimes eating super healthy foods in large quantities can fatten you up more than eating small quantities of unhealthy foods! So what if your hungry? Should you just eat less? Welllll, believe it or not, there are some great foods that actually help you eat less and help keep you full longer!

As you know, I gave birth not too long ago, so for me eating healthy and controlling my appetite is key! I honestly struggled a bit after giving birth, especially since I have a pretty big appetite and when I say big, I mean football player big! I can eat! But recently I added a couple of things to my diet that have helped keep my appetite under control! Of course I loooooove grapefruits and have noticed a huge difference on the scale just by eating them, but WOW, spicy red chili peppers have an amazing effect on your body! They help boost your metabolism, and actually keep you full!  The key ingredient is the capsaicin, which is in the chili and great at keeping your hunger tamed! Not to mention it tastes soooo yummy!! This is a great way to eat delicious and stay in shape! Add some chilis to your favorite dish and slim up while you do it!!

My hubby and I add sliced chilis to our veggies every day and it adds the most amazing kick!