By Huda Heidi Kattan

Let’s face it, it’s hard being a girl sometimes! To me it’s one of the most beautiful things, but we aren’t built like guys meaning, we tend to gain weight more easily and sometimes take if off much slower, DAMN you hormones! Being a new mommy, I can tell you breastfeeding helps to shed the weight, but I honestly need a little more help! I wish I had the energy to workout, but right now, sleeping is about all I can think about! So my sister Alya has been my diet bible and I pretty much go to her for everything! I still love the way grapefruit has helped me lose weight, but this is a easy way to reduce water weight and help you lose wight fast! Something you must do before a night out on the town!

Super Slimming Water Retentioin Drink!


1/2 Cup Watermelon
1/2 Cup Honey Dew
1 Tablespoon Honey

Mix all ingredients together in a blender and serve! Enjoy for a super high vitamin and antioxidant drink!