By Huda Heidi Kattan

I personally haven’t tried this one, but I got this emailed to me three times from different girls, and as bizarre as it might sound, there are a few sites that say this works! I think it depends on your skin, BUT usingElmer’s Glue (you know, the non-toxic glue we use as children) is an interesting way to deal with blackheads and acne! I have not tried this! But the best way according to a few readers is to use this on clean skin! Here are some tips for trying this!

  1. While skin is wet, use a warm wash cloth and gently scrub the area you are going to place the glue.
  2. Then on COMPLETELY dry skin, apply a very thin, but even layer of glue using a wooden spatula (or Popsicle stick)
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes then peel gently
  4. Voila, clear skin!

If anyone tries this, let me know! I’m going to go buy some glue! Sounds interesting!