By Huda Heidi Kattan

Today started out as an amazing day! I got to shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and the girls there are really sweet and extremely talented! Thinking I would be home by this afternoon, I didn’t stress being out all day. Now, looking at my clock, “10:52PM” and I just got in! I get it, most of us are too busy to relax. Juggling jobs, households, children, social events, family, the list goes on! However, overworking or overstressing is not the way to a beautiful you! Whenever I feel overworked, I simply try a technique that helps tremendously with getting that instant “ahhh”  that is just what I need!

To get that super relaxed feeling, I start at the tip of my chin and with both hands, I pinch the tip of my chin. I then work my way out along my jawline and earlobe and even up the side of my ears. It also doesn’t hurt to apply a little pressure behind your earlobe and ear. Touching the ear in such a way not only makes you more relaxed, but also helps deliver a jolt of energy since the area is quite full of acupuncture points! Remember the movement should be gentle and the goal is to relax and unwind, so enjoy!

image credits alchymisthotel