By Huda Heidi Kattan

It doesn’t matter if you are guy or gal, no matter who you are, HAIR LOSS SUCKS!! And when I tell you I have some of the most damaged, dry hair that seems to shed like crazy, most people don’t believe me (until they see my hair wet and realize it is super curly and coarse)! After becoming a mommy, dealing with hair loss was such a huge issue! I honestly remember calling Chrissy Poo and crying on the phone with him, my hair was falling so fast (and I was super hormonal)! I feel like I have helped it a lot! It still falls, but taking good care of it, has dramatically slowed the process down and helped new hair grow! Please everyone, even if your hair is not falling yet, try these tips!!! They will help!!

  1. Take Your Vitamins! Keeping yourself healthy on the inside is key for gorgeous locks! And of course there are some vitamins that actually make hair thicker! I swear by Biotin and Omega 3-6-9, and I have noticed not only more hair growth from taking these vitamins, but also shinier and healthier hair! I also like taking Cinnamon (or eating it) since it is amazing at increasing blood flow, which means it will also help with hair fall as well as healthier skin!
  2. Stay Healthy! Believe it or not, when we neglect our health, one of the first places to suffer is our hair! That means drinking too much caffeine, alcohol, smoking and other things that are detrimental to our health! That also means keeping stress down to a minimum! I always try to meditate and of course I enjoy a massage or bubble bath as often as I can!
  3. Massage Your Scalp! I have noticed SUCH a huge difference when I massage my scalp! Actually, when my hair started to fall, I began massaging my head upside down three times a day (I know it sounds crazy, but it works) and noticed an incredible change in my hair fall! It really decreased BIG time!
  4. Use an Awesome Hair Mask! I love making my own hair masks for two reasons: my hair feels amazing afterwards, and I can always make them a hair fall hair mask! I always love using vitamin A as well as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and other natural oils that promote hair growth!
  5. Eat Your Protein! When some of the proteins in our body harden, they produce something called keratin, which is the structure that makes up our hair. Keeping a balanced diet including lots of hearty vegtetables, proteins, and grains, ensures that our body gets the right amount of nutrients to make healthy hair! This is usually ignored, but so important! Do you guys remember when Lindsay Lohan was super skinny? Her hair was literally falling out so fast, you could see her scalp!