By Huda Heidi Kattan

I never really had issues with dry skin, my skins always been really soft and actually perfect for makeup application. Well, NOT anymore! I have to say, I think I had pretty perfect skin growing up and now it seems I’ve gone through everything! Cystic acne, dark circles, bags, pores, and now really rough skin!

Rough skin SUCKS! It makes your makeup look heavy and cakey, it accentuates your pores and it just looks thick! I don’t know if I’ve been dehydrated from traveling, but whatever it is, it’s driving me crazy! Soooo, I remember hearing that Coconut Oil can seriously help with dry rough skin, and since it’s one of the few ingredients I brought with me to the states, I thought I would give it a try! LOVE LOVE LOVED the results! My skin is already on it’s way to it’s softer, pore free appearance! This is easy peasy and quick too!!

My skin has been pretty dry, so I’ve actually been doing this every other day for the past week! I haven’t noticed any breakouts, so I think this is great for anyone’s skin, but just make sure you use organic virgin coconut oil! Check your local natural foods store for this (or when all else fails, AMAZON)!




1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
warm damp wash cloth

Before you begin, start by testing the Coconut Oil on your forearm (since this area usually reacts first) to make sure you are not allergic! After 30 minutes or so if there is no reaction, you can begin!

Apply the Coconut Oil to the palms of your hand and work together. Squeeze about a size of a Dirham in your hands (quarter, 1 euro coin, 1 pound coin). Work together by rubbing your hands together slowly. Then apply to your skin by massaging into your face in small circular motions. Apply warm wash cloth and let sit for 10 minutes. Wash and apply your favorite moisturizer!