By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you’ve ever had them, then you know INGROWNS SUCK!! They are the worst! For me personally, I never had them until recently and I shave, so I was pretty shocked! Looking down and seeing little dark spots all over my legs wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Then getting rid of them, means little scars! Boooo!! Not Fun!

But of course, EVERY beauty imperfection doesn’t have to stay with you! Sooo, here is the BEST way to not only get rid of ingrowns but also banish the scars that come with them!

  1. Exfoliate! One of the biggest reasons why we get ingrowns is due to poor exfoliation! Of course using a body scrub is great, but I found dry brushing was much more effective and I also did like that helped tremendously with the appearance of cellulite!
  2. Moisturize! Moisturizing is one of the most important things to do! Personally I found using the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Body Lotion completely vanished my scars from ingrowns and made my skin look really smooth and even! It also helps moisturize which means hair follicles are able to push through skin more easily resulting in less ingrown hairs.
  3. Spot Treat! A lot of people really underestimate the benefit of Retin A. I actually use Retin A head to toe! I don’t use a lot, since it’s really strong (you should definitely talk to your doctor first). I use just a pea size amount for my entire legs. I mix it with the Vaseline Lotion and spread it onto the targeted area, it works wonders! Make sure you use Retin A for two weeks, then take a break for a couple weeks!