By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Huda,

I read your blog almost religiously and you’re the only person I could think of to ask help from… Basically, I just had my sides waxed and i’ve come out in acne where I have been waxed. I’ve got like red bumps on the side of my face and some have got white heads. It’s been two days now and all I have been doing is using simple soap, water and vitimin E moisturizer. I don’t really know what to do!! When I have bad skin, it usually brings me down a lot and I dont want to be using any harsh chemicals on my skin due to it being quite sensitive. Please could you help me?!

Ohhh darling!!! Uggggh!!! The worst thing ever!!!! Thank you so much for all of your sweet words and your support!! 🙂 I’ve been there and let me tell you, it sucks!!! I personally have a serious issue with being hairy and yes, that means I have a stache! Of course, you can thread your upper lip and surrounding area, but what about those side burns? No one wants extra hair on their face! Personally, the most effective way I have found to remove facial hair without any adverse reactions is with electrolysis! It is very effective, but VERY painful!

If you don’t want to go through all of the pain, I recommend shaving! I know it sounds crazy, but very light dry shaving once or twice a month is one of the best ways to remove hair in those areas and has been used for years, by beauty icons including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor! I wouldn’t recommend shaving everyday, but done every once in a while it can actually be very effective! Waxing, threading, and the like can cause serious breakouts since it seriously opens pores! Bleaching is also an option, but I tend to steer clear since it could cause skin irritations, and I personally have too much hair to bleach!

As for the breakout, I recommend NOT over drying your skin! When your skin has an adverse reaction, the important thing is to stay calm! Trust me! Do what your skin reacts to best, keep the same routine, but apply an aspirin mask if possible or use a spot treatment all over (avoiding the eye area).  Also using a chamomile mask can help calm the breakout and possibly decrease the swelling! Hope this helps darling!! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with all my heart!!