By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can’t stress enough how much I love long pretty nails! I am totally a short mani-gal, but I am in love with Rihanna and Beyonce’s super long pointy nails! I wish I could do them, but being a makeup artist and mommy makes it very tough! Even though I cut them often, my nails actually grow soooo fast and they stay long! Honestly, I don’t have naturally gorgeous nails! I attribute my nails to two things! Vitamins and moisturizing!

  1. Start from the inside! The only way to keep nails long is with a healthy diet and taking vitamins that have high levels of folic acid, vitamin A, and B12 is a great way to help! The best vitamin for this is actually prenatal vitamin, which also does wonders for your hair! After taking these vitamins for just one month, I noticed my nails and hair grew faster, longer and stronger!
  2. Moisturize!! If you’re worried about splitting nails, the easiest thing to do is MOISTURIZE!!! Simply apply a moisturizer to your nail bed every night!! RECIPE: One thing I like to do is mix lanolin with almond oil (you can zuk it in the microwave for a few seconds if necessary) and apply it to your nails before bedtime! Squeeze a vitamin A capsule in there for extra strength!
  3. Skip a Polish Change! I know this might seem hard, but skipping a polish in between, even for a day can do wonders for your nails! Taking a break is sometimes what our nails need!