By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day I got a comment on my blog where someone asked if I ever breakout. I thought it was hilarious since I was dealing with a mini-situation of..oh I don’t know 3 of the biggest most painful zits ever! Yes, I know gross! But let’s face it, most people deal with breakouts and the best thing to do as soon as you feel a breakout coming on is conquer it! So here are my top tips for dealing with breakouts and how to cover them up without aggravating your skin! Hope this helps anyone out there dealing with acne! I  have been there (way too many times)! Just know it will get better!

  • Rule #1 Ok, first of all, DON’T touch it, squeeze it, press on it, or do anything that even requires your fingers near it! Adding any additional oils to your zits will only cause more breakouts in the area and do nothing for your current little devil! Stay Away!
  • Rule #2 Try to avoid using any makeup and if you must wear some, opt for a powder based mineral makeup. I like MAC’s Mineral Foundation and Clarin’s Powder Foundation which seems to cover up breakouts and help them heal!
  • Rule #3 Don’t over dry! The trick to banishing breakouts is keeping calm! Our first reaction is to dry the little sucker to pieces, but the truth is this will only produce more oil, which will lead to more breakouts! Stick to a spot treatment, and don’t change your routine!
  • Rule #4 Treat scars! Using skin cell renewal agents like Retin A, Retinol, Tomatoes, and other ingredients can help drastically heal your skin meaning no one will ever know you broke out!
  • Rule #5 If you do want to cover up your breakout, try using a pigmented acne treatment! Avoid a regular concealer as it could have synthetic oils that will cause more breakouts. Try just dabbing a small amount of the treatment on your breakout before you apply your makeup, then use a sponge and dab a heavy amount of powder on your blemish. It will only collect a small amount, but should look smooth and concealed.