By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ever have those situations when someone walks by and you wonder, how the heck do they smell soooo good? I personally love it when someone tells me I smell unbelievably good! Today, I was meeting with possibly the cutest girl ever, Sahar and my sister Mona! They both are those girls who always smell delicious! One of their tips to getting that super amazing smell, which in my opinion is an awesome and easy idea is using scented body oil and mixing it with perfume. I know it sounds elementary, but it works wonders!

Mona actually does this all the time, and I swear we get stopped in public places all the time! People always want to know what she’s wearing! Today Sahar and Mona told me they actually use Vanilla, Coconut or Jasmine scented oil after they get out of the shower. Then add a mist of their favorite perfume for a super unique and delicious scent! Of course mixing it is key, but this is one of the best ways to get your own scents that is not only delicious, but unique to YOU! 🙂

I would recommend mixing some scented oil or essential oil with almond oil to get a super moisturizing boost to your routine! I love this idea! How cute!! 🙂