By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s a fact, I have the DRIEST skin ever! If I don’t take great care of my skin, it feels quite frankly, like a very rough.  However, last night I was out with a friend of mine and she could believe how silky smooth my arms were, especially when you take into consideration how dry my skin is. She said they were the softest arms she had ever felt, ever. How did I do this? So simple! I mix a few beauty tips that I have already posted.  If you do this every day, I swear your skin will glow and you will seriously will have the most touchable soft skin ever!  A great tip if you are getting married or have an important event to get ready for! Try it everyday for a week!

Huda’s Super Soft Skin Tips:

I put it into steps to make easier to follow! 🙂

  1. Immediately when I get out of the shower, I gently blot my skin all over with a towel
  2. While it’s still a bit damp, I use olive oil all over my body (I keep a jar in my bathroom)
  3. Then I take a paper towel and I blot off any excess oil or water
  4. After that, I apply my favorite Coco Butter Cream From Vaseline on my entire body
  5. Then I use a little Retin A on my arms, neck, chest and back area area to keep the skin fresh and smooth
  6. If you really want to glow, try using a great body scrub in the shower. I love the tomato scrub I posted a while ago, which is super gentle and cost effective so you can literally use it all over your body!

After doing this, my skin is smooth, evenly-toned and it glows beautifully! I HIGHLY recommend this tip!!

image credits avon